Interesting Highlights From Touring The Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum ToursLouvre Museum Tours
Louvre Museum Tours

Louvre Museum Tours

Often referred to as the city of lights, Paris is well known for its historical monuments. The French capital boasts of its greatest of monuments – Louvre museum; which is, of course, the largest art museum in the world. When visiting Paris, a private Louvre museum tour is something you cannot afford to miss. A shout out to all you art lovers, read on to know more about a few interesting highlights from Louvre museum tours.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

To date, scholars have not been able to end their discussion regarding the actual reason for this portrait to gain such applause and popularity. Together with elements of mystery, Leonardo da Vinci has incorporated an enigmatic smile to it. The smile is believed to be a symbol of happiness. The amazing thing about the painting is that no matter where you are standing in room 711 of the Denon Wing, you will find Mona Lisa looking right back at you. This is a true epitome of skill, passion, brilliance, and excellence.

Paolo Veronese’s Les Noces de Cana

Believed to be commissioned by the Benedictine San Giorgio Maggiore Monastery located in Venice, this painting was painted by Veronese in the year 1563. This is an immensely large painting and there is no way that you will miss this 70 square meter painting. The painting portrays the Cana wedding scene from the Holy Bible as reported by the Apostle John.

Jacques – Louis David’s Le Sacre de I’Empereur Napoleon

The artist Jacques – Louis David was asked by Napoleon himself to paint this masterpiece on the occasion of his coronation. This happened in the lights of Napoleon proclaiming himself as the Emperor in the year 1804. The ceremony was attended by the artist at the Notre-Dama Cathedral in Paris. The event itself has its unique place in history and so does its magnificent depiction. You will find this painting featured in room number 702 of the Denon Wing.

Victoire de Samothrace

Believed to be made in 190 BC, this masterpiece is a statue of the goddess of victory. It is a breathtakingly elegant sculpture and therefore has its own special space in the museum – the grand staircase. The creation of the Victoire de Samothrace is believed to have taken place nearly 2000 years before the advent of photography. Interesting right? Pack your bags and got for a private Louvre museum tour.