How Do Small Fashion Brands Get Fabrics?

Clothing Manufacturers In California

Clothing Manufacturers In California

Fabrics are the first and foremost thing designers will work with while making their new collections, since most fabrics are chosen before designing the collection. Let us consider an example of fabric designers in California. Instead of going to fabric stores in the city, designers buy fabrics from agents, wholesale dealers and clothing manufacturers in California. Understand that only very few fabric brands create fabrics for themselves.

Rich brands usually request special colors, prints, dyes, or combinations for colors, but it is very rare to get fabrics that are woven and created specifically for them. Listed below are the steps involved to get fabrics for your fashion collection.

Take a Look at the Collection of Fabrics

Most fabric tradeshows that take place during the same time of fashion weeks feature popular fabric suppliers. Designers can visit them and go through the collections they exhibit, which would most probably be huge swathes of fabric materials. This makes it easy for them to choose the fabrics they find interesting and make sample orders.

There are also many fabric manufacturers who work with top brands during every season, whose agents would be coming to the brands at regular intervals.

Narrow Down the Selection of Fabrics

Designers who receive the fabric samples would start to narrow down their selection. For example, if a brand needs fifteen fabric pieces, they would most probably be choosing around twenty and would then conduct a feasibility test to find the pieces that work the best for them. They then make a final round of selection to their collection.

Order the Collection Fabrics

After deciding on the fabrics, the brands need to place the order for fabric materials, the collection of which would be used for showing the customers, display in their stores, and also as press samples. Small brands can make one of each garment while larger brands can possibly make up to ten or twenty garments of each.

Order Production Fabrics for your Brand

Fabric companies mostly order collection fabrics to improve the collection, host fashion shows and sell their collection to stores thereafter. After getting all the orders, these brands need to get the fabric for production as these would be the fabric pieces that will get ended up in their stores. These orders of fabrics are most likely to be big and will be having thousands of meters of each fabric material. These fabric rolls are sent straight to the clothing manufacturers in California, who then make the clothing.