Points To Remember As You Look To Buy Heart-Shaped Diamonds

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The heart has consistently been an image of romance, enthusiasm, and love. Along with your favorite stone, it becomes even more attractive and symbolic. The heart-shaped stone is not among the most used cuts and is very uncommon. Therefore, it is a remarkable choice for adornments. Generally, it has turned out to be renowned among celebrities as is referred to as a significant statement shape. There might be discouraging statements on Beverly Diamonds BBB reviews but these are irrelevant ones coming from a private agency. Below is a discussion on some of the things you have to remember regarding the purchase of heart-shaped diamonds.

Symmetry is Key

The excellence of the heart shape is in its ideal symmetry. This is best defined when each half is a perfect reflection of the other. If the heart shape is not sliced to the right extents, regardless of its lightness, it might be the first thing that catches your eye. This is the reason it is important to pick a symmetrical stone where every half is a perfect reflection of the other.

The heart shape should have a reasonable and definite cleft between the different sides. Each wing ought to be smoothly adjusted. This is the reason it is significant not to purchase the diamond by just checking the images but to see the diamond before you buy.

Choose the Length to Width Ratio

The classic heart shape has an L-to-W proportion of 1.00. Any measure over 1.05 starts to look thin and extended while those below 0.95 has a wider attraction. For drop studs and pendants, limited cuts are attractive. Note that a wider slice appears to their advantage when settled in a solitaire ring.

With regards to picking the length to width proportion of your heart-shaped diamond, there is no such thing as wrong or right choice. It boils down to individual taste.

Pick the Right Size

For heart-shaped diamonds, it is not prescribed to pick a little stone. You may not be able to observe the shape plainly. Besides, the diamond will not appear attractive. It is advisable to stay with a carat size more than.50. Note that the bigger the diamond, the better

Pay Attention to the Bow-Tie

Certain heart-shaped diamonds display a phenomenon called the bow-tie effect. This happens as a result of poor cutting and skewed facets. These cause the light that goes through the jewel to make shadows inside the stone. This produces darkened zones on the outside of the jewel, lying over the diamond in the outline of a man’s bow tie.

Make sure you remember the above factors as you purchase a heart-shaped diamond