Digital Signage Technologies That Are In Trend

Digital signage is not all about placing display screens that show video advertisements and graphic content. It is much more than that and technology has a great role to play in the evolution of digital signage.

Here are the digital signage technologies that are currently in trend.

Touch Screen Displays

Displaying dynamic content on screens without offering any functionality that involves user participation would not make it much different from a static display board. Incorporating the touch screen technology in digital signage is not a task so big because the people are already quite familiar with touchscreen technology through smartphones.

Wayfinding boards that help people to get realtime information like location and routes is a well-known example of touchscreen technology incorporated into digital signage.

Digital Fabric Graphics

Graphics printed on quality fabric was an artistic style that was in use before many years but digital signage is innovating to add a new dimension to the art. To make the digital signage look live, marketers are installing screens behind fabric graphic, which makes the LED digital signage display more eye-catching than the traditional fabric graphics.

Apart from its use in fabric graphics, digital signage is being incorporated into new configurations that were thought to be impossible in the past. With curved displays, waterproof panels and HD screens, digital signage technology is expanding its horizons.

Projections on Video Walls

Projection substrate technology has been evolving at a surprising pace and retailers are transforming their see-through windows to large digital projectors displaying dynamic and static content.

Technologies like polymer-based real projection enables the conversion of see-through surfaces to solid HD displays and back with relative ease.

Big Data Analytics

Big data is the foundation of the marketing trends at present and companies are keen to know every piece of customer detail starting from their shopping patterns to behaviors. Traditional advertising methods are becoming a bit outdated because of the limited possibilities they offer the broadcasters to learn the impacts their campaigns made.

Some display screens come with advanced facilities like facial recognition and eye-tracking that clearly help in interpreting the response of the viewer and learning which part of the signage is attracting the maximum attention. Digital signage also can pool in information like age and gender of the audience and make appropriate changes in content.


There is no better way to boost customer participation like incorporating gaming into marketing and campaigns that used this strategy were very popular. Deploying product related games by adding features like leaderboards and daily prizes for winners can make great contributions to increasing brand awareness.

Digital signage technology has never-ending possibilities and much of its potential is yet to be discovered.