The Dangers of Leaving your Garage Door Open

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It is common for homeowners to leave their garage doors open and unattended for a variety of reasons. Doing that is never wise, considering this section of the home is also an easy entrance. Every time you leave your garage door partly or fully open, and unattended, it basically invites the following problems.


It makes sense to crack open your garage door when it is hot inside, and this generally helps with ventilation. It certainly relieves you of stuffiness and discomfort, but leaving the garage door unattended can draw vermin, including brides, rats, and bugs. Any opening these creatures see is a possible place of safety for them, but if one takes up residence, it becomes a problem for you.


No neighborhood is safe from burglars simply because it is “new” or “nice”. In fact, these are the places, which thieves prefer to check for likely “marks”. With your garage door cracked open, you would be letting these criminals know that your home is not impenetrable, making it an easy target.

Home Invasion

Leaving your garage door visibly open while no one you trust is watching it can place your entire family at risk. Home invasions may be less common than burglaries, but that does not mean they never happen. A lot of the times, these people gain entry through an open and unattended door. If it happens while there are children or elderly people in your home, they could be in personal danger.

Garage Door Opener Security Being Bypassed

If you have ever disengaged your garage door opener, you know how easy this is to do from the outside, especially when the door has been left open. More savvy thieves would simply reach up and yank the emergency release chord, and get in easily. It is unacceptable having this happen when you already have significant features designed expressly to prevent it.

Reducing the Door’s Lifespan

You may have had your original garage door installation crew check for faults in the door. If you leave the thing open a lot of the time, chances are they would have told you how this reduces its functionality. This applies even to the latest models in the market. If you think there may be something to worry about, it is best to call a garage door repair service as soon as possible.