Cell Phone Booster To Solve Signal Issues

Voice calls that drop frequently, and internet browsing taking an eternity to deliver results; it seriously seems like you are having a bad day, especially because staying connected is super important in the world that we live in. Getting cellular signals of optimum strength at all places is not always possible because there is a myriad of signal blocking factors, man-made and natural. So, how to get better signal?

The solution to signal issues gaining popularity recently is the cell phone booster.

What Is A Cell Phone Booster?

The function of the device is clearly indicated by its name. It boosts cellular signals to ensure the quality of cellular communication. Cell phone booster does not create any signal on its own but works on the available signals and amplifies them like a signal repeater.

Cell phone booster has three major components:

  • External antenna: The signal boosting function begins at the external antenna end. It captures cellular signals available outdoors and transfers it to the next unit, amplifier. The external antenna and amplifier are connected via coaxial cables. The gain associated with the external antenna indicates the quantity of signals captured by it. Higher the gain, more signals are captured by the external antenna.
  • Amplifier: The most important unit of a signal booster is its amplifier. On receiving signals from the external antenna, the amplifier works on them and increases its strength. The boosted signals are then sent to the next unit, which is the indoor antenna.
  • Indoor antenna: The indoor antennas installed in points where you require stronger signals, broadcast boosted cellular signals within its coverage area. Depending on the area within which you require stronger cellular reception, you may install more than one indoor antenna inside your living space.

Suggested Practices For Cell Phone Booster Installation

To reap maximum benefits out of cell phone booster installation, follow the practices given below.

  • Site survey: Unless you have an idea about outdoor signal strength, cellular signal booster installation procedures will not be smooth. Use a signal meter to measure signal strengths at different outdoor points and choose a point that has the maximum available signal strength to install the outdoor antenna.
  • Selection of the right antenna: The antenna type has to be chosen according to the signal availability in your area and the type of the living space.
  • Minimize cable length: Signals undergo attenuation on being transmitted through coaxial cables. Keep cable lengths to a minimum as possible to reduce attenuation.

Signal boosters outperform most of the signal improving solutions with its appreciable feasibility and simple operating mechanism.