Where To Buy CBD In Paris

CBD was turned into the household name that we know and love. Step out of your front door and you will see the streets bustling alive with CBD stores and billboards talking about a new CBD product out in the market. Everybody seems to be talking about it. The news channels are having interviews of eminent scientist and everyday consumers who are seen showering praise over the herbal supplement. You can see a new celebrity endorsing a CBD face pack or your social media feed littered with CBD here and there.

People have begun turning an eye to the forgotten drug, which was a powerhouse of healing both mentally and physically back in the old ages. Places like Mexico and races like the Native Americans have their cultures beautifully intertwined with this life saving drug. World governments have started passing bills and enacting laws that have effectively legalised cannabis and its derivatives, specifically CBD.

Along with world powerhouses like Germany and America, there is another addition in the form of France. This is funny because technically France is the largest producer of Hemp in Europe but is not the first one that has legalised CBD. Although, CBD is legal in this famed European country, there are plenty of restrictions that consumers need to be aware of before barging into the shop of a CBD supplier demanding their products. CBD must be obtained from a hemp plant only and the percentage of the psychoactive THC must be less that 0.2%. Now that has been changed to no trace of THC in the CBD product. Plus only the stem and the seeds of the hemp plant are allowed, and not the flower irrespective of the THC content in it.

CBD from cannabis plant is more holistic and better-balanced in their benefits than compared to hemp derived CBD. But CBD from cannabis sources have around 14% of THC in them, which cannot be reduced by any known economically viable filtration method.

CBD And Paris

The city of romance is visited by millions of visitor from all over the globe who come to get a glimpse of the city’s magnificent and intricate architectures to their lovely delicacies and museums.

And what happen when there are plenty of people visiting a place? Businesses come up there to monetise on the visitors. The CBD industry is also no different! CBD is already a product that is known for how it changes lives, and the people of Paris understand this.

Cannabidiol has done much for people who didn’t see a help in sight. People might recall the story of Charlotte Figi, a 7 year old girl who had a severe form of epilepsy. Modern medicine was only able to cushion her falling health condition, until she was introduced with a strain of cannabidiol that was able to effectively lessen the severity of her symptoms. She could again enjoy life and do the things she valued most.

If it can help a 7 year old then it can definitely help an adult, like you and me. The CBD apart from its magical pain relieving properties also doesn’t make you intoxicated as most people wrongly believe. CBD is not psychoactive in nature, so, you passing out in the middle of work is completely out of the question!

CBD can be put in a whole variety of products right from protein shakes and coffee to mineral water and bath bombs. The list is quite endless!

We will be looking into the top CBD place and answer your question on where to buy CBD in Paris.

Top Place In Paris Where You Can Buy Great CBD Products

  • Deli Hemp

This chic looking store that is located at 13 Rue Commines, 75003 in Paris has some amazing CBD products in store for you! As they say, they aren’t just a boutique but one that gives a professional quality label that guarantees a better life. They offer products that are wholly extracted from hemp grown in the outskirts, on the wide open lands of the country. So there is no question of the quality and natural-ness of the produce.

The products they have are truly premium and painstakingly made, be it the Organic Peppermint Sublingual oil 5% CBD or the Pineapple Express vapourizer which has its name drawn from the cult classic comedy flick of the same name.

Pineapple Express Vapourizer

This is a vaping pen cartridge that is filled with a full spectrum hemp extract. The extract that has the goodness of all the ‘cannabinoids’ like Chromenes and flavonoids, is extracted from the all-natural hemp produce using CO2 supercritical extraction technique. This technique ensures that no impurities are carried on to the final packaged product.

Simply load up the vape pen chamber with the cartridge, heat it up and inhale. The near potent mix of the CBD with the essential oils and aromatic profile of the succulent pineapples make for a killer combination that helps quell any pain or anxiety that may be muddling your mind.

It won’t take much time for the CBD in the Pineapple Express Vapourizer to get to work. This is perfect if you have intense pain from say gout or are having severe back pain; even if it isn’t pain, and you need a moment to simply sit back and relax, or lighten your mood, this will do the trick.

They have a whole load of other flavours as well including the Sunset Sherbet, Raspberry Cookie, Amnesia and Gelato.

Organic Peppermint Sublingual Oil 5% CBD

CBD oil is one of the most favoured modes of intake of CBD. It is simple, effective and gets right to the point. Very much like this product! Deli Hemp’s Organic Peppermint Sublingual oil 5% CBD will be your perfect companion that will help you treat anxiety, depression, heart disease to even acne. People who are undergoing chemotherapy as a result of cancer also make use of CBD oil to supplement and treat the side effects of the therapy.

The best way to enjoy the benefits of this oil is to simply place it under the tongue for a minute before ingesting the contents. The peppermint flavour is quite refreshing and you will find yourself not even recognising the faint tracing of the earthy flavour of the CBD.

Much like most of their products, the oil is also obtained as result of CO2 extraction. This results in a blend that is 100% natural full spectrum CBD sublingual oil, with zero THC in it.

There are quite many CBD potency levels to choose from like 10%, 15% and 40%. If you need something that packs in more of a punch, then by all means go for a 40% one.

You may even infuse the Peppermint CBD oil into your butter or your protein drink for that much needed boost.

Deli Hemp has 5 other retail stores in various parts of Paris, so be sure to check them out as well! If you stay out of Paris then be sure to check their website as they do shipping as well.

  • CBD Corner

This is another top of the line CBD retail store that you will find in Paris. Located at 9 rue Tiquetonne this store has plenty of CBD products to choose from such as their Massaging oil, CBD capsules even CBD matcha are available with them!

Even if you want to buy oil or a cream, you will be fascinated to try out the other CBD goodies that they have in store.

Here are some products that you must try out!

CBD Corner’s CBD Massaging Oil

Nothing like a nice deep body massage and a warm bath or a spa to simply relax in, right? Then be ready to enhance that with CBD Corner’s CBD Massaging Oil. The 100% natural ingredients will shower you with a relaxed and well satisfied soul by the end of it. It is formulated in such a way that it releases all the pent-up strain that had been making you run wild all week. The oily texture works well in soothing muscles and the joints, at the same time supplementing and moisturising your skin to tenderness.

The oil is suitable for most skin types, and is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. So if you are someone who has sensitive skin and would want to get the healing goodness of both CBD and a massage, then this oil is the answer.

CBD Matcha

Matcha is a powdered high-quality green tea that is known to alleviate symptoms of anxiety and is often a lovely way to start the day; a warm cup of piping hot Matcha tea. Now what happens when you are able to combine the goodness of matcha with the therapeutic benefits of CBD? You get something magical!

CBD Corner’s CBD matcha has managed to capture that magic.  The tea has a rich yet soft texture that will calm you. The antioxidant effect of the tea also helps eradicate any free-radicals in the body, allowing you to control stress better and not wrinkle as fast. You can also have a cup of the CBD matcha after your dinner to further aid digestion and prep you for some quality sleep.

Be sure to add some milk, as the presence of a fatty substance such as milk will ensure better absorption of CBD.  Two cups a day will do you wonder and help you manage the day at your own controlled pace.

The Final Note

These are some of the best places where you can get some great quality CBD products in Paris. Most of the major CBD brands mentioned have shipping services as well, so you can avail their products even if you are not in Paris.