Why Visit the Rue Des Martyrs in Paris during the Winter Sales Season

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Tourists who are going on a Paris private tour will be able to see that most of the shops in Paris are filled with natives and visitors. This is because the season of winter sales begins in the city from the second week of January. Until the third week of February, the shopping spree will be strong in most of the shops of Paris.

However, Rue des Martyrs is a much beloved street which retains the primordial charm of ancient Paris. The street gets the legend from Paris’s first bishop who was beheaded during the reign of the Roman Empire. The urban legend says that the bishop picked up his head and walked all the way through the Martyrs Street while dying nearby where the Basilica of Saint-Denis came to be.

The street, which links the Notre Dame de Lorette with the Sacré Coeur often features locals and tourists who come here to get the most of shopping and sightseeing. The Parisian street is filled with concept stores, departmental stores, hardware shops, and bookstores. Gourmets will love shopping agricultural products, chocolate truffles, and even charcuterie. However, it is crucial to note that the street is also ideal for sightseeing.

If you want to take back shopped gifts to your native place when on a private Paris tour, then your options are aplenty. You must try to shop at the La Chambre aux Confiture before ending your Paris private tour. The store features a plethora of preserved fruit including strawberry, geranium, and more. Just next to that, you can find the ‘Maison Brémond’ grocery store, which was established in the early 18th century. The ‘Calissons’ candy that you can find in this grocery shop is immensely popular among both natives and tourists. So, make sure to try it before you proceed to your next destination.

If you are into fashion wears, head left from Place Lino Ventura lane and prolong your walk until you find the ‘Zeit Paris Berlin’ shop, which sells readymade wears in true chic ethnicity. Tourists who want to grab books should head to the ‘Librarie Vendredi’ across the road. It is one of the best bookstores in Rue des Martyrs featuring a knowledgeable service staff on literature and fine arts especially.

If you still have time, head to the bustling Boulevard de Clichy that retains a medieval charm of the city of lights that contains concept stores related to interior design, and baroque style mirrors alongside French restaurants. The designer from Paris, Emmanuelle Zysman has a namesake jewelry store which has been enjoying a cult reputation since it was opened in 2004. The designer’s works are exemplified with colorful gemstones and beaten gold.