Top Things to Do in Paris This Winter

Paris Private Tour

Paris Private Tour

Paris is always beautiful irrespective of the time or season. But it will become mesmerizing during the winter when the rooftops and streets are covered with the white blanket of snow that is falling relentlessly these days. Paris city during the winter season looks like it has fallen out of a fairy tale. This is a great time to plan your Paris private tour, as the snow-covered Paris is quite a sight to watch.

There are a lot of activities you can do in Paris during the winter days. We are listing some wonderful activities you can do in your Paris private tours, when the days are cool and the nights are chilly.

Visiting the museums of Paris

This is an inevitable activity of every Paris tour. Paris is home to a large number of museums that boasts the rich culture and history of this city. In fact, this city is a paradise for those who love art, as its museums hold an enormous number of artworks that are created by many legends from history. It also contains a wide collection of artefacts from all over the world.

The museums of Paris will become especially crowded during the winter days as it will be really cold outside. People who are seeking to find some warmth from the freezing climate will head to the museums where they can enjoy the wonderful art collection along with keeping themselves warm. If you are planning to visit the museums, it is better to purchase the tickets in advance, as the queue can be very long during these days, especially for the very popular museums like the Musee d’ Orsay, the Louvre, the Picasso museum, etc.

Go ice skating

This is the best time to polish your ice skating skills. There will be several ice skating rinks that are installed throughout the city. All these destinations will be brimming with people who are seeking to enjoy their winter days to the fullest.

The ice skating rink that will be arranged on the Christmas Market which is located at the Tuileries Garden is a wonderful destination where you can have fun with your family and friends. Another spectacular location is the skating rink that opens in the Grand Palais which is the biggest ice skating rink in entire Europe. There are also a huge number of other locations where you can slide on the frozen ice.

Enjoy the Covered Galleries of Paris

This is a great way to enjoy the magnificent Parisian architectural styles. These arcades that are covered with glass roofs are a wonderful way to escape from the cold climate. Take a stroll through these covered passages which are situated close to each other. They house a lot of tearooms, shops and restaurants where you can enjoy some hot snacks and warm tea for getting rid of the cold.

Take a Boat Trip

Enjoying the beauty of the river Seine on a cold day when sitting in the comfort of a luxury boat is a mesmerizing experience. There are also many night cruises that offer a romantic experience during your Paris private tours.

Put on a Coat and Take a Walk along the Streets of Paris

If you want to enjoy the feeling of snowflakes wetting your face, then this is a perfect thing to do. Put on a winter coat, a scarf and maybe a bonnet and now you are ready to head outside. Walk down the beautiful streets of Paris and wander around different shops. This is a wonderful way to experience the winter in Paris to its fullest.

Go Shopping

There will be a lot of shops and markets that will be opening in Paris during the winter season, especially when Christmas is around the corner. This is a fascinating destination for shopaholics as they can get anything and everything they want from these markets. From your Christmas attire to gifts for your loved ones, you can get everything here.

Visit an Aquarium

The Aquarium of Paris that is situated just in front of the Eiffel Tower is the largest aquarium in Paris. You can see a wide variety of fishes which are distributed in 43 fish tanks throughout the aquarium. You can indulge in many other programs like movies, workshops, animations, shows, etc. that will be hosted here.

Shop until your Feet Hurts on the Winter Sales in Paris during the Mid-January

Paris is famous for its shopping destinations. You can purchase everything you will need from these shops. But during the winter sales that will be conducted during the mid-January, you can purchase these items for a reduced price. If you love shopping, this is a great time for going on a shopping spree.

Take a Cooking or Pastry Class

If you love cooking, this is a wonderful occasion for you to master in the Parisian cooking. Learn some secret recipes of Paris to amaze your family members back at home. There will be a lot of cooking classes conducted all around the city where you can learn to cook some authentic dishes in Paris.