Top 3 English Bookstores in Paris

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There is no denying the fact that the Dutch capital, Paris, is an ideal destination for book lovers. The secret courtyards, lush gardens, and the elegant cafés in different corners of the city provide plenty of spots for you to curl up with your favorite book. Moreover, you can find approximately 756 bookstores in the city that feature an extensive collection of classic and modern literary works, and that is an absolute treat for the ones who love to read.

Several tourists who are on their first Paris private tour have no idea that the City of Lights that once nurtured Fitzgerald, Orwell and Beckett, and Hemingway, continues to be an inspiration and major hub for English writers and readers. The glossy emporiums, mixed-language outlets, and the second-hand treasure troves in Paris will certainly make a book lover’s Paris private tour a lot more memorable and delightful.

It is true that most of the bookstores in Paris usually sell French novels and other types of French books only. However, if you are not into French literature, you might be planning to explore a few English bookstores while you are in the city. Some of the best English bookstores in Paris that keep the city’s Anglophone literary community alive are as follows.

Shakespeare & Company

Shakespeare & Company is undoubtedly the most famous English bookstore in the City of Lights and it is often considered as a place of pilgrimage for several writers, readers, and English-speaking travelers. This store has the best collection of English books in the city and it is definitely worth exploring. Moreover, the narrow staircase and wooden shelves in the bookstore make it a magical place to wander around with your favorite English books.

The Abbey Bookstore

The Abbey Bookstore has been in business for about 20 years and it is located in the close vicinity of the Notre Dame. So, if you are planning to visit Notre Dame during your Paris private tour, then stay away from the crowd and indulge yourself in a unique experience by visiting the Abbey Bookstore. This bookstore has more than 35,000 new, used, and rare English books.


You might be a little bit surprised to hear the fact that the Galignani bookstore in the Dutch capital originally started as a publishing house back in the year 1520. However, in the early 18th Century, Giovanni Antonio opened a bookstore in the rue Vivienne and the rest is history. This bookstore, which is located in the Rue de Rivoli of Paris, was the first English bookstore that was established on the Continent.