Things to Do in Paris on a Rainy Day

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Paris is not a place that always has sunshine. There are also rainy days in the city. For some people, rainy days are like holidays, and they sit in their rooms all day long. However, some others love rain and want to spend the whole time outside in the rain. If you are a person who loves rain, you can do many things as a traveler, on a rainy day in Paris. You need not waste a rainy day during your Paris private tour.

Here are certain things you may do on a rainy day in Paris during your Paris tour.

Relax in a Hot Bath

This is something ideal to do on a rainy day in Paris. The tradition of hot baths, especially of Turkish origin, is very famous in Paris. They are called hammams. This can relax your body and bones, which might be tired due to the journeys during your tours in the city. The steam baths will be followed by the scrubbing of the whole body after which you will have a newborn feeling. The hammam at Grande Mosquée de Paris is the most popular one.

Have Hot Chocolate and Tea

A rainy day is the best time to have a hot chocolate if you have not had it until then on your Paris tour. Hot chocolate of the French style is more like a soup than a drink. It is served not in a cup rather in a bowl. You may visit a tearoom in the city on a rainy day, and enjoy a hot tea or hot chocolate.

Get into the Paris’ Sewers

There is a Paris under the city itself as told by Victor Hugo, the famous writer. The Sewer Museum is a place, which is not usually visited by many people, and it will be an amazing experience for you to visit the place on a rainy day.

Explore the Covered Passages

It is a memorable experience to explore the covered passages of the city. This will take you back to the 19th century Paris in its glory. The mosaic floors, signs of iron shops, calm and quiet passages, etc. look amazing in the skylights.

If you are on your Paris sightseeing tours and if rain has obstructed your itinerary, do keep these things in your mind so that you can make the best out of the rainy day rather than sitting idle in your room.