Offbeat Things to Do in Paris

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Paris is always one of the dream cities to explore for most people. Every single thing here, like the beautiful monuments, romantic atmosphere, treasured museums, etc invites people in. However, all these places are often explored and crowded by visitors.

There are many unusual places in Paris city that are sure to make you skip a beat. So, during your next Paris private tour, expand your horizons and unravel these beautiful and bizarre things. Below are some of those offbeat places that you would cherish visiting for a lifetime.

Ballroom Dancing

Have you ever had a ballroom dancing experience? Most people often wonder what it would be like, and yearn to experience it. If you are one among them, Paris is the right choice. The Jardin Tino Rossi on the left bank of Port St Bernard is here to offer the best dancing experience for you.

The dancing styles here include salsa, waltz and swing, and tango. So, practice these styles before going there. Furthermore, you can enjoy this awesome experience only from the start of June to the end of August, every evening.

Trendy Neighborhoods

If you want to walk around and shop some bizarre and weird things in this city, the famous flea markets in Belleville are perfect for you. These markets are crammed with heckling merchants, lively shoppers, and many colorful products.

If you want to purchase authentic French stuff here, head on to the streets of Caulaincourt, which is also a picturesque place to stroll through. Furthermore, the rue des Martyrs in the 9th arrondissement here is a heaven for all the foodies out there. You can relish the taste of authentic French cheese, bakeries, and other hot and cool beverages here.

Art and Cultural Events of Paris

If you want to know the Parisian culture and their lifestyle, the best way is to attend the Parisian art and cultural events that are conducted in particular seasons. For instance, the art and cultural institutions, museums, galleries, etc in this city will be open all night during autumn. The interesting part is that you can explore these places free of cost on any given night during autumn.

Another important thing that you must not miss is the Fete de la Musique. This event is conducted in June, and during this time the streets will be crammed with many dancers and artists showcasing their talents. If you are traveling to Paris in summer, participate in the heritage days event, where you will get a chance to visit every government building in France.