Luxury Private Tours in Paris with Local Guides

Paris Private Tour

Paris Tour Tips

Paris that has been known as the “City of Lights” is known for its fabulous architecture, the legacy it has, style and designs of buildings, stately gardens, top-class museums, and restaurants. The most unique way to experience a Paris private tour is with the help of private local guides.

How to Plan Your Paris Tour?

There are plenty of confusions that will occupy your mind regarding upscale adventures, planning the itinerary, and so on after planning your Paris trip. The best option is choosing for some deluxe excursions in Paris with a private tour guide.

How do Luxury Tours Stand-Out from Regular Tours?

Luxury travelers will be eager to see the famous sights and top attractions of Paris, connect with the people and cultures of Paris just like most of the other travelers who are going on regular tours in Paris. The major difference of luxury travelers is that they want to do all of it in the most comfortable ways possible, and are always willing to spend money for the luxury they seek.

Most of the luxury tours offers have many benefits like the skip-the-line benefit for the major attractions in Paris city. Most of the luxury tours provide travelers with private guides who help those who are experts in leading them through the large crowd of sightseers. They can also tell the travelers about the best time to visit all the major attractions of Paris.

How to Pick the Paris Private Tours?

Tourists need to read the descriptions that are provided to avoid disappointments. Reaching out to the company to know about more details, and to clarify the doubts regarding the tour – details about the tour guide, prize of the entry tickets, customization options of the tour according to your interests etc., can help to avoid a lot of confusions that are likely to occur after starting the tour.

The Overwhelming Variety of Paris Private Tours 

Luxury tours in Paris are seen as worthy as the city has plenty of options of high-living and is very appealing with the choices it has to offer. Paris has around hundreds of top-class restaurants for tourists who are looking for culinary tours and is also known as the City of Gourmet Delights for the same reason. Some tours focus entirely on haute culture and designs, which attract fashion fanatics all over the world to take a private shopping tour in Paris. People who are fond of art and culture can invest their time in private tours with a qualified guide to see more understanding about the city’s culture.

Companies with expert local guides provide travelers with a lot of travel ideas while you are on your Paris private tour.

Eiffel Tower Tour with a Private Guide 

Eiffel tower is regarded as one of the most iconic symbols of the city of lights. It was completed in the year 1899 and marked its 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. It is one of the most crowded attractions in Paris, and hence a private tour can help tourists to skip the main line-ups and to get customized commentary about the same attraction.

 Private Cruise Tour on the Seine

This is the kind of choice where travelers can experience the maximum luxury, as a river cruise is one of the major things to do in Paris city. Hand-crafted motorboats in Paris offer luxury cruises on the Seine along with Haute appetizers and champagne for its travelers.

 Rodin Museum Tour with Private Guides

Rodin Museum is the much-admired museum in Paris that is been devoted to one of the most celebrated sculptors of Paris – Auguste Rodin. The museum is set with a private garden in an eighteenth-century mansion and was established in the year 1929. Taking a private tour to the museum with an expert historian can help tourists to have close-up views of the famous statues – The Thinker.

Private Photoshoots in Paris 

Taking luxury tours has the advantage of having a private photographer with the travelers who knows the angles and the best locations of Paris as well. Private photographers can suggest travelers with beautiful backdrops of the city to travelers who wish to have visual journals of their trips or those who want to indulge in an inner fashion model of their own.

Private Tours to the Palace of Versailles

It is been said that there are a lot of things that can be done in the Palace of Versailles, with the museum itself having around seven hundred rooms.

Going on private tours to Versailles helps to take the tourists from behind the scenes to rooms that are away from the rush and noise. These can include the intimate living quarters of Louis XVI, art patron, Madame de Pompadour, and Marie Antoinette.