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Unique Private Tours Paris

It is a wish of every diehard fan of the book “Les Miserables” to visit Victor Hugo’s Paris from 1832. However, that city does not exist anymore. Tourists can find the city from the novel such as the author’s home to a few of the iconic locations and landmarks. The city is also known as “City of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.”

The locations from the book offer one of the unique private tours of Paris. Below are some of the locations from the enduring book.

Maison de Victor Hugo

The first stop for anyone visiting Victor Hugo’s Paris is the author’s home. This is a home turned into a museum on the second floor of Hôtel de Rohan-Guéménée, situated in the prestigious Place de Vosges in the heart of the Marais district. It is divided into three sections to show three stages of his life before, during and after the exile. Here he lived with his wife and four children.

Jardin du Luxembourg (Luxembourg Gardens)

This is one of the most important locations where Marius and Cosette first came across each other while walking along the tree-lined path. It is located in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. It is the second-largest park in the city that has an area of 23 hectares and loved by tourists.

Church of Saint Paul – Saint Louis

It is the location of Cosette and Marius’s nuptials. This Baroque church is located in the Marais district. Victor Hugo’s daughter was married here as well. This church was built by Jesuits from 1627 to 1641.

The Convent of Petit-Picus

This is where Jean Valjean and Cosset lived for several years after their close encounter with Javert. It is not a real location but was modeled on the monastery Bénédictines du Saint-Sacrement and also convent Dames de Sainte-Madeleine.

Musée des Égouts de Paris (Paris Sewer Museum)

Paris sewers and underground has a huge role in this book. Jean Valjean escapes into the sewers with a wounded Marius in one of the dramatic scenes from the book. Paris sewers have been a tourist destination for visitors even during Victor Hugo’s time. The museum offers tours chronicling about the modern development of the sewer system.

Le Grand Véfour

Located in the arcades of the Palais-Royal, this was one of the places where Victor Hugo liked to eat. It is the first grand restaurant in Paris opened in 1784 and during the 19th century, it serves as the destination for literary masters of France. This is a Michelin starred restaurant.

If you are looking for special family private tours of Paris, it will be a wonderful choice to go for the tour of Les Miserables locations.