Getting Amidst the Parisians in Rue Montorgueil

Paris Private Tour
Paris Private Tour

Exploring Paris

The Rue Montorgueil is one of the historic market centers originated in the twelfth century Paris. People of a certain period, the 1970’s Parisian to be precise, would recognize this crowded place as Les Halles, which once catered products to the city capital. The place is so etched in the minds of local traders and industrialists for the following tourist attractions.

Food Chains

Despite the renaissance in boutiques and chain restaurants, foodies could find everything at a cost in the Rue Montorgueil. The Parisian foodie and hitchhikers on a Paris private tour look for choices from vegetarian food, wines, and non-vegetarian food.

Finding an Eatery

Among the Parisians and European patrons who pay a visit to the city on a Paris private tour, small eateries are best known as the Bistrot. These are essentially small time eatery which serves tacky French fries and stuff for very affordable cost. The food type would eventually depend on your appetite though, for not all people would settle for snacks.

Time for Sweets

First ever pastry shops originated in the Rue Montorgueil market. The amazing thing is that the French gourmets visit these places from time to time to inspect the quality of food and jot down “buffet reviews” for their clients. Since sweets and pastries are burned fast in the stomach, you would simply go on a spree of “window shopping”.

The Specialty Store

Having seen all the sights and bought everything, the next pit-stop shall be any specialty store selling the kind of products you may have seen in French ads! In fact, you would have so much fun pronouncing the advertisement jingles along with your Paris private tour guide for there are many words beyond “Bonjour”. Learn them all slowly, for you might want to find your own accent for the French pickles or even attractive flowers. It takes two to tango.

Being the epicenter Paris, the Rue Montorgueil lets you access the nearby tourist hubs; Cathedrals and markets are a sight to behold even today. If you love modern art, then there are the quotidian places such as the Louvre museum or the Centre Pompidou just around the corner and accessible for the public.