Best Live Music Bars in Paris

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Paris has attractions that can excite all human senses. It is a very modern and well-toned city whose romantic streets are an attraction for any traveler. It has its fair share of music bars too, where you can enjoy classic or rock music while sipping a beer. These bars offer live music too and you can choose the bar according to your preferred genre of music. Below are some of the best bars with live music that you can visit on your Paris private tours.


L’international has finally ended the long wait for a place in Paris that hosts new arrivals. The place houses two to three shows every evening. The music involves French singers, electro, rock, folk, and pop, and the place is usually filled by a cheering crowd. The best thing about the place is that the show is free. Located close to Rue Oberkampf, L’international has a very welcoming ambiance and is a great place to spend the night.

Pop In

This dedicated pop music location is a magnet for enthusiasts of this genre of music. It is located in the Rue Amelot locality and pulls a big crowd of youngsters every night. The bar plays music including the Beatles as well as Indie groups and fills its cramped spaces with excitement. If you want a relaxed bottle of beer, you can head upstairs to find a British salon with a piano and old second-hand lounge. The place is a good choice to visit on your Paris private tour.

Le Motel

Le Motel is a great bar located in the alleyways near Bastille. It is an ideal hangout spot for those who love electro, hip-hop, or pop. You can find a comfortable seat among the semicircle of sofas before the DJs start playing attractive sets. Another feature that pulls a lot of crowds is the pop quiz they arrange on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and alternate Sundays. This challenges even the ones who are boastful about their pop music knowledge.

Espace B

A blend of an Italian restaurant, a concert hall, and a neighborhood bar – that is how you describe Espace B. It is located very close to Parc de la Villette. The building in itself has several surprises hidden away in its interiors. While the major programs are French and International acts, it attracts all kinds of music enthusiasts and novelties alike to this gem of a place.