All about the Bustronome Tour System in Paris

Paris Private Tour

Paris Tourist Attractions

Paris is one of the most visitor-friendly cities in the world. It is easy to get around in the French capital since most of the attractions are located at the center of the city. You can explore the Parisian streets in numerous ways depending on your Paris private tour itinerary. One of the most popular and affordable options to meander the pathways of Paris is to consider a guided walking tour of the city. This will include most of the popular attractions in the French capital. Otherwise, you may opt for a solo trip. That is, you can venture the streets of Paris at your own pace too; all you need for this is a city map that marks all the important landmarks here.

Usually, people hop on a metro rail line to travel through the districts in Paris. However, this method can be a bit overwhelming and time-consuming if you were not able to access an electronic map system. In order to address such issues and bridge the gap between your solo trips and Paris guided tours, a new touring concept is introduced in the city known as the Bustronome tours.

What is Bustronome?

Bustronome is actually a double-decker bus; its highlight is that its ceiling and sides are made entirely out of glass. This way, you can enjoy the captivating beauty of the French capital on your road trip to the fullest while enjoying the warmth and comfort inside the bus. Some of the amazing facts about the Parisian Bustronome tours are given below.

  • Bustronome bus tours typically cover almost every popular Parisian landmark. However, their service is available only twice a day.
  • In order to take your overall Bustronome experience to the next level, the bus will transform itself into a fine restaurant during lunchtime and dinner. You can choose the type of meal you require and its price will be included in your ticket fare.
  • The bottom deck of Bustronome is actually for the staff and their service requirements and the guests are usually seated at the top floor. Still, they allow guests in the bottom deck during tourist seasons.
  • The best time to enjoy Bustronome tours is during the night when Paris city is entirely illuminated with LED lights. This will not only make your trip experience out of this world, but also offer you a candlelight dinner-like ambiance.