6 Best Spots in Paris to Enjoy a Cup of Coffee

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Are you a dedicated coffee lover? If yes, you are likely to look for the best coffee bar around you on your holidays. There are many destinations around the world that are known for their euphorically satisfying coffee variants. Note that one of the best options a coffee person must explore is Paris. Of course, the city is not historically prominent for its coffee culture or quality. In fact, even a simple espresso served in Parisian cafes used to be watery, bitter, and grainy.

However, things changed in a good way in the past decade in Paris. In fact, it can be said that a coffee revolution was bought in Paris during the last few years. Now, you can see a number of coffee spots in every corner of the French capital. Unsurprisingly, savoring your coffee while enjoying the breathtaking appeal of French romance is something that almost every person craves for. Below are some of the best coffee bars in Paris that will make even a non-coffee person fall for it; try to pay a visit to any of these options on your Paris private tour.

La Cafeotheque

This is an amazing cafe located on the banks of the popular Seine River. Do you know that this roaster is reputed as one of the few options of its kind to bring great coffee to the capital city of France? Note that La Cafeotheque was opened in Paris in 2005. It comes as no surprise that this cafe boasts a wide range of roasts and coffee beans to sample.

Undoubtedly, this is a perfect option for all the coffee geeks out there. So, without further ado, head on to La Cafeotheque and book a spot in any of the three rooms here. You can also choose your method and brew here. In short, you can say that the sky is the limit when it comes to sampling coffee in La Cafeotheque.

Le Quartier Général de Belleville Brulerie

This is one of the popular specialty roasters in the French capital and it tends to sell its signature roasts to several high- end cafes and coffee shops in Paris. Note that the customers can also taste or sample a wide range of blends prepared by professionals and can purchase the beans they liked the most. You can also ask tips from your barista. Needless to mention, no coffee lovers must ever miss this opportunity.

Fontaine de Belleville

This is another venture started by the team of Belleville Brulerie. When starting this cafe, their main objective was to create an authentic Parisian ambiance and quality. These very goals helped them to mark their signature in the field. Currently, this is one of the best options in Paris to enjoy high-quality coffee. Note that the cafe uses only high-quality ingredients in their blends ranging from the Croque to their popular home-made chocolates.

The classic Parisian charm will take the whole experience to the next level. Furthermore, it is recommended to visit Fontaine de Belleville on Saturdays so that you can enjoy great jazz performances. Of course, this would be a great excuse to switch your coffee for a retro cocktail or craft beer along with a planche of charcuterie and artisanal cheese.


Lomi is a stunning Parisian roaster that comes with a twist of Australian flair and it supplies excellent coffee to a huge number of Parisian restaurants and cafes. Plus, it boasts a coffee bar of its own in the 18th arrondissement. The main attraction of this coffee shop is the interiors and of course, the good quality and tasty coffee blends.

Note that the exposed beam of this brick evoke building is sure to give you some photography goals. Besides, this is one of the best spots in Paris if you love to interact with the locals here since natives have made the coffee shop their home way.

Boot Cafe

Located in the 19th arrondissement, Boot Café got its name from its previous life, which was of cobblers. Unlike most people think, this instagrammable coffee shop is so small and hence, you may not find it as a great choice to hang out or linger. However, the factors that made this tiny little café popular are the quality of coffee served here as well as its cute appeal.

Recently, the owners of Boot Café have also opened a new outpost, which is comparatively larger. The latter one boasts a tiny lunch menu as well and the specialty is that the food dishes served here are based on plant flavors.

Ten Belles

Ten Belles is a trendy café located in the 10th arrondissement and tend to boast an Australian flair like Lomi. This is the right choice for you if you crave scones, flat whites, etc. However, the major attractions here are lemon cake, lunchtime toasties, and most importantly, filter coffee.

The café has got an upstairs mezzanine that can accommodate a decent number of guests making it an ideal spot for people-watching. Other trendy cafes where you can enjoy a tasty cup of coffee in Paris include Ob-la-di, Fringe, Republique of Coffee, café Loustic, Telescope, Shakespeare and Company café, etc.