Where to Spot Spring Foliage and Flowers in Paris

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Paris becomes a romantic and enchanting place during spring. Many streets and avenues in the French capital have a row of trees on either side; when the trees blossom, it provides a sight to behold. The pink cherry blossom trees are the most beautiful in Paris. These trees start to blossom in February and go full bloom in April. If you take a Paris tour during the spring season, you can come across the tree-lined paths with lots of pink foliage.

Spring in Paris is from late February to April. Even towards the end of spring, the sight is gorgeous, with rosy petals falling down in large amounts. On top of that, the weather is warm and the days are longer, making spring one of the best seasons for a Paris tour. If you are planning for one during the spring months, here are the best places to sightsee and take photos.

Hôtel de Ville de Paris

Hotel de Ville is the building that houses the local government. The former building, which traces back to the 14th century, was burnt down in 1871. The present one was reconstructed in neo- Renaissance-style under the direction of architects, Edouard Deperthes and Théodore Ballu. The vintage-style building makes a stunning backdrop to flowers, which bloom in spring. Encircled by pink magnolias and white blossoming trees, it is perfect for alluring snaps. Besides, free exhibitions are organized here for the public.

Parc du Champ-de-Mars

Parc du Champ-de-Mars is spread from the Paris military school to the Eiffel Tower. It offers the most stunning view of the monumental landmark in the nation’s capital. Tourists and locals gather on its verdant lawn to play music and picnic anytime during the day and to watch the twinkling lights of the tower at nightfall. Perhaps there is no better place to take a photo of the Eiffel Tower framed by a mass of flowers.

Square Jean XXIII

One of the top areas to watch and snap the fluffy pink foliage is this park, situated just south of the “Notre-Dame de Paris” cathedral. This small park’s benches as well as sandbox, encircled by cherries, will add detail to your floral photos. If you want to take people-free snaps, then arrive here as early as you can during your Paris private tour.

Jardin des Plantes

If you are seeking more springtime delights, stroll to the botanical garden. You will get to see the pink-hued trees backdropped by landscaped grounds and heritage architecture. The garden also hosts a zoo, conservatories as well as natural history galleries. The “Prunus Sato Zakura Shirofugen” tree is covered in white blossoms and has branches, sweeping to the ground.

Parc de Sceaux

The Château de Sceaux and the park where the castle resides are the best-kept secrets of France. The location south of Paris is just a short train ride away. The park is home to orchards of the cherry blossoms. You will find the trees with white and pink blossoms here. You will also find people picnicking and taking a nap under the trees.

The castle is flanked by manicured gardens and topiary bushes. It also boasts rows of cherry trees. The park features a canal and lake. To celebrate the blossoming of the trees, the festival “Hanami” is observed every April. On the festival days, Japanese music is also played, adding an Asian touch to the dreamy ambiance.


This former royal palace is within walking distance of the Louvre Museum. The property has a central courtyard, arched colonnades, as well as the bench-dotted green spaces for picnicking. The fabulous-looking pink magnolia trees are encircled by roses and yellow daffodils. There is also a terrace café, from where you can enjoy the view with refreshments. When you reach Palais-Royal, you will realize why many people market it as a “village in the city”.

Monet’s Garden

The French artist Claude Monet’s house and garden, is a great place to snap spring flowers. The property is situated at Giverny, which is a short train trip from Paris. The garden is full of tulips in each April and May. Besides the tulips of all colors in the rainbow spectrum, the garden is home to wallflowers, daffodils, narcissi, irises, poppies, peonies, and forget-me-nots. Weeping willows and lily ponds add painterly charm, while cherry and apple trees are in bloom during the months.

Marché Aux Fleurs

Marché Aux Fleurs is one of the prettiest flower markets near the River Seine. The history of the flower market in Paris dates back to the 1830’s. It is primarily formed by cast-iron pavilions. You will find bunches of flowers that blossom in spring, in addition to plants, orchids, and shrubs. On Sundays, there is a bird market as well.