Visiting Paris City alongside the Eiffel Tower this February

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Parisian streets start showing thaw instead of frosty snow in February just as gloomy winter season nears an end. It is the perfect time to visit the City of Lights, especially if you are on a romantic holiday with your loved one or on a Paris tour with family. With many things to do around February 14, 2018, a visit to the city capital can be jovial and warm notwithstanding the cold temperature. Well, that makes the February Paris visit worthwhile even for eligible bachelors.

If you make it to the City of Lights by February 20, 2018, you can participate in the Paris Les Soldes. It gives an ideal opportunity to shop in the Parisian neighborhoods and avoid tourist traps, which one may come to expect in a European metropolis. However, since the Parisian shops lower down the cost during winter sales, shopping becomes affordable henceforth compared to off-season sales.

Paris in February tends to be briskly cold. A tourist attraction like the Eiffel Tower is also worth the visit this time of the year. The Eiffel’s first floor, for instance, is virtually transformed into an ice floe as Parisians put it forth. The first floor of the Eiffel Tower features decorations that revolve around the Parisian winter. Obviously, the Eiffel Tower catches on the peering tourists the season brings to the French capital. Thereby, expects to make the most of economic perks.

Its first floor has been featuring three meters tall penguin decorative figures made of facet mirrors from December last year. It will stay inside the Eiffel Tower until February 18 this year. It is an ideal place to chill out with your friends and take photos of one of the wonders of the modern world in Paris. Alongside the penguin figures in Paris, the Eiffel Tower also features a replica of the tower within a setting on the first floor that features black firs and white birch. The five-meter tall replica of the Eiffel Tower is adored in mirrors beside the tree-like decorations.

To make the most of a Paris tour to the Eiffel Tower in February, also take your kids to the iceberg chocolate bar on its terrace. After all, what better than tasting waffles, hot drinks, and even cold drinks at an affordable cost when on an Eiffel Tower tour this month.