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Paris is one of those cities in the world that is visited the most by tourists. Millions of tourists come, stay and go from the French Capital every day. While visiting the city, there are some points to be taken care of. You need to have an idea of what can and cannot be done in Paris tours. The following are some of the tips that could be of great use to anyone who visit Paris.

Traveling Without a Valid Ticket

Parisians are so open-minded that they do not compel you to show the tickets while you are leaving. Automatic exit ways are set in most of the computerized gates in public spaces. This practice is unlike the tapping out system in London where possessing a valid ticket is quite mandatory. However, some people try to take advantage of it by skipping the whole idea of buying a ticket. Obviously, a heavy fine will be imposed on them.

Stairs at Metro Station of Paris’ Abbesses

The heavy tourist flow in Paris City makes the popular spots like Abesses Central station more packed. Obviously, there is every chance of formation of lines right in front of the 36 meters massive elevator. In that dire situation, people tend to climb up the residing stairs. However, the deed will turn out to be really exhaustive after climbing the entire 200 steps. Hence, it will be wiser to wait for the elevators until the lines are cleared.

Expecting the Metro to be Punctual

The passage of the Parisian Metro is not much different from the roadway transport existing in the city. Most of its older lines still run with flickering lights, making its travel slower, especially the Line 11 between Hotel de Villeand Châtelet. However, the newer Metro lines do not have this problem, as they are better planned. Therefore, the new metro lines would be better to get to places way much earlier.

Not Booking Tickets Well in Advance

No one has to rely on Parisians locations and events with a prejudiced mindset of getting tickets just before their visit, as it is going to be indeed futile. Reserving tickets well prior to the visit is always preferable than standing in long lines. Currently, the tourist may detect where their positions could be if at all, they are on any of those long lines, and decide on whether they really have to visit that place at that moment of time. This service is a vital advantage for curious tourists.

Paying Big Currency Notes in French Boulangerie

There are quite a many French Bakeries, or plainly boulangeries running in every tourist spot. The snacks listed out in the menu of the bakeries can be real cheap, for example, croissantorpain-au-chocolat would not cost much. Big currency notes are only going to trouble the vendors, so it is advised to exchange smaller notes for the refreshments and snacks.

Catching up Late Night Taxis

This can be noted as one of the few drawbacks of traveling in the city of Paris. The reliable taxi system of the city has become a nightmare to the tourists, especially at night. Unlike the cities like London and New York, where there is no dearth of such services, you might waste a large portion of time solely on waiting for a French Taxi.

Being Impolite

Bonjour (hello), an revoir (goodbye), pardon (sorry) and merci (thank you) are all going to be effective while conversing with the French locals, whether it be a mere waiter, street vendor, policeman or just anybody. With so many tourists to Paris, it would be a bit uncomfortable for the locals to manage. Henceforth, it is always worthier to behave polity to receive politeness, rather than being arrogant or indifferent.

Clicking Pictures at Shakespeare & Co. Bookstore

Although it may sound awkward to the present world where everyone is really into photography, there is a ban on photography in a store like Shakespeare & Co. Besides this, there is another rule of not to harm a cat roaming in the store. A visit to the incredible bookstore which has got a rich history of literature is in the bucket list of all book lovers visiting the city.

Being Indifferent to Parisian Steak Serving Restaurants

As said about the politeness towards the French locales, you also need to be polite while visiting the restaurants too. Foreigners initially may not necessarily like the French cuisines that serve lightly cooked steak. They like serving their recipes in that way, as it is their tradition. Asking again for a well -done steak will only be deemed as rude and strange as far as the French are concerned.