Top 5 Bridges in Paris Perfect for Sightseeing and Photography

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Tourist Attractions In Paris

The City of Lights is home to some of the most picturesque bridges, which cross over the Seine River. If you are seeking top spots to photograph and sightsee when on a Paris tour, make sure to explore the below-compiled tourists attractions.

Pont des Arts

This footbridge, which connects the Institut de France and the Musée du Louvre, offers one of the best picture-postcard views of the city. It has a reputation of being the “lover’s bridge” as couples used to attach padlocks to the bridge’s rails and throw away the keys to the river. However, that is a past tradition now; the padlocks were removed from the bridge and replaced by a glass railing a couple of years ago. Worry not, it still offers amazing views of the city, and you can get distant views of the island named Île de la Cité from here.

Pont Neuf

This arch bridge is not only one of the most popular locations in Paris but also in the world. It traces back to the sixteenth century and remains an integral part of the city’s tourism since past renovations to it. What is often billed as the oldest existing bridge in Paris, this one is best viewed from the Ponte des Arts. From that bridge, you can get a scenic view of Pont Neuf with Left and Right Banks dotted at a distant background.

Pont Alexandre III

Named after the Alexander III of Russia, this bridge adjoins the avenue named Champs-Élysées on the Right Bank with the Les Invalides on the Left Bank. Built during the Belle Époque period, the architecture of the bridge features top-notch columns placed on all corners and topped off with a statue.

Pont au Change

This bridge, which is situated adjacent to the building named Conciergerie, connects the city to the Île de la Cité Island. It is one of the frequently photographed bridges in Paris, and has its original version traced back to the 9th Century. The bridge was reconstructed many times over, and the present one dates back to 1860. It also bears the initials of the French Emperor of that period, Napoleon III.

Pont de la Tournelle

The present Pont de la Tournelle bridge, which connects the Left Bank to Île Saint-Louis, has been here since the late 1920’s. Prior to this, a bridge was built on the location during the 17th Century. Its attraction is the statue of Saint Geneviève.