Tips to Escape Crowds at Tourist Sites in Paris

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Paris is a city that has a large number of visitors throughout the year. Hence, the most important hurdle you will have to face in your Paris tour is the difficulty caused by crowds. If you are planning to visit the major tourist sites of the city in the busiest periods of the year, you will be exhausted very soon. You may not be able to enjoy your best time in the city if this situation arises. Therefore, it is necessary for you to know certain tips to escape the crowds while visiting the tourist sites on your Paris city tours.

Here are some of the important tips, which you must understand even before you start your journey to the city.

Schedule your Visit for the Right Time

The most important thing to know while you plan your trip to Paris is about the seasons in which the number of tourists in the city will be very high. In July and August, the number of tourists in the city will be very high. However, if you plan your visit in April or September, you will be able to feel a little free since there would not be so many tourists at this time. The competition to see the major attractions of the city will be very high in the peak seasons.

If you are planning for a trip on a particular budget, it is better to schedule your visit in the winter months because the hotel rates will be comparatively lower during the time. You can refer to a monthly tour guide for a better idea on the matter.

Select the Best Day to Visit Each Monument

Each of the monuments and museums will have different times of opening and closure. Therefore, you must know in detail the time, which will be apt to visit each of the locations. Most of the sites will be closed on one day of the week and hence the next day might have more visitors coming to the site. Also, weekends can attract big crowds. It is better to visit the main attractions around the middle of the week.

Visit Early in the Day

Even if you have planned for a Paris tour in August there is something you can do to beat the overcrowding at the tourist sites. Try to get up early and reach the location first so that you can have a fast entry. In most of the museums and monuments, the most suitable time to visit is the early hours or the late hours.

Get the Tickets Online

This is an important tip you need to know to avoid standing in long queues at the tourist locations. If you book your tickets earlier online, you can have a direct entry into the monument or the site you are visiting. If not, you will have to wait in queue for a long time before you finally get your entry pass. The only disadvantage is that you may not be able to change the itinerary suddenly on your trip because you will have the ticket booked for a particular day and time.

Choose your Stay Wisely

You should act wisely while choosing the place to stay during your Paris tour. Be careful not to select a stay near any big and famous attractions because those areas can be very crowded. The moment you step out of the hotel a large number of people will push your front and back on the roads. The 7th and 8th arrondissements are such places. It is better to choose a staying place in the less crowded neighborhood of the city. You may go to a hotel or a hostel according to your wishes.

Stay Long in the City

This can help you largely in understanding the city and its systems properly and hence you can plan your visits accordingly. If you have only a couple of days to spend in the city, plan the itinerary accordingly so that you do not miss out on any of the important tourist sites. However, if you have so many days in hand, you can have a more relaxed and planned itinerary. You will be able to avoid the crowds and visit the locations at your own time.

Visit the Lesser Known Attractions

There are so many lesser-known attractions in the city, which are worth visiting. People usually do not visit these locations and hence you will not have to face long queues or crowds here. You may choose to see the bigger attractions from the outside and choose to explore the lesser-known ones in detail.

Avoid Places Having Some Special Event Going on

According to the seasons, there can be some special events that take place in some locations. You should be mindful to avoid visiting such places if you want to avoid getting inside a crowd of people. This includes special temporary exhibitions in museums, special shows in art galleries, etc.

Keep these in your mind to make the best out of your Paris city tours.