Tips for Money Managing in Paris

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Some people may hesitate to plan a trip to French capital because of the alleged expenses. Note that you can trim down your travel expenses to a great extent if you have a thorough knowledge regarding how to handle your money on your Parisian trip. This will be a great help in case of hassle-free transactions as well as convenient holidays. In most cases, things might not work the same way that you have assumed, especially when it comes to money transactions, withdrawals, tipping, etc., in Paris.

One of the prominent questions that most visitors contemplate on, in this case, is whether to use credit cards, traveler’s check, or cash for their transactions. Actually, the best strategy that you may consider is paying your bills using the combination of all the above-mentioned options. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about this because you cannot spot ATM counters at every nook and cranny of the city. Hence, you cannot always depend on cash. On a related note, carrying a big amount of cash with you will be risky since the rate of pickpocketing is high in Paris. Besides, most ATM’s in the city tend to charge a higher fee for withdrawing your money. In such cases, you may rely on your credit cards or traveler’s check.

Now, you may presume that relying on plastic cards or digital transaction is your best bet when in Paris. Sadly, all your plans are likely to get foiled at some of the shops and restaurants here since they allow a digital transaction for only the payments below 20 euros. So, you cannot entirely depend on these cards while traveling around the French capital. Furthermore, some Parisian shops do not accept every foreign credit card. Two of the most common credit card options that are widely used at Parisian sale points include Visa and Mastercard. As far as the traveler’s check is concerned, it must be your last option since these checks are not accepted at most of the Parisian shops and restaurants.

Doing the following things before you board your flight will help you to manage your cash well on your Paris tour.

  • Consult your credit card company or bank and let them know that you are traveling abroad and seek their suggestions regarding the withdrawal limit, restrictions on international payments, etc. Plus, get an idea regarding their service charge schemes.
  • For withdrawing money from Parisian ATM counters, you will require numerical pin codes in most cases. So, if your pin code includes alphabets, make sure to change it before you leave. This will not be possible once you reach abroad. However, this depends on your bank’s policy.
  • If you cannot do without cash, make sure to buy a money belt to protect yourselves from pickpocketing.