Three Theatres That you Must Visit in Your Paris Tour

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As a thriving center of arts and culture, Paris occupies a central place in the world. Its numerous museums, historical monuments, architectural wonders, and places will offer a delightful experience, especially if you are a patron of arts. Other than the flourishing art, Paris is known for its modernist theatre scene that attracts people from all around the world. The city has many such theatres, both classical and contemporary that you can visit during your Paris tour.

The theatre scene in Paris is very much enjoyed by the natives and is something you are sure to miss if you follow the guidelines of a preset itinerary. Besides, these theatres are not that much crowded, since most of the tourists flock to the popular attractions in the city. By visiting these theatres, you can actually indulge in the vibrant culture and view the productions of world-renowned theatre companies. Below are three theatres that you must visit during your Paris tour.

The Comedie Francaise

An incredible theater to visit in Paris is the Comedie Francaise. Established in 1680, the Comedie Francaise is known as one of the oldest and still active theatres in the world. A symbol of the once glorious French Aristocracy, this oval-shaped theatre retains the look as it is adorned with Doric columns, crimson velvet, gold fringe, and tassels. The Comedie Francaise is still the only theatre in the world to have its own band of troupes.

Theatre Du Chatelet

Located in the first arrondissement of Paris, the Theatre Du Chatelet is another remarkable theatre you must visit during your Paris tour. Besides, it is a major opera house and runs other sorts of performing arts like ballet, concerts, world music and cinema. Built in Napoleon III style, the interiors of this theatre resembles a grand opera house with an arch-like seating and numerous balconies. The Theatre Du Chatelet hosts several national and international productions every year.

Theatre Le Ranelagh

Notable for its rich and neo-renaissance inspired interiors, the Theatre Le Ranelagh is a place to visit if you wish to see some classics of French theatre. The ornate oak covered paneling and decorated ceiling literally provides a spellbinding experience while watching the theatrical productions. It resembles the great theatre houses of the past with a mix of their various elements such as a balconies and orchestra pit.