Three Hidden Natural Gardens to Visit in Paris

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Paris has a wealth of greenery and the city planning has laid emphasis on this very aspect, which led to the creation of its lavish public parks, botanical gardens, and green spots. While on a Paris tour, you will find that most of these public green spots are crowded and you may not find the comfort you seek to spend some time in solitude.

The crowds can make it somewhat difficult to really enjoy the rich greenery of these gardens. However, there are several other natural gardens in Paris that most visitors are largely unaware. You will find these gardens rare treasures themselves, as they are little pockets of greenery where you can spend some quality time enjoying the nature.

Listed below are three hidden natural gardens to visit in Paris. The best thing is there are no crowds so that you can fully relax here or take a light stroll to discover the true beauty of these gardens.

Jardin de la Vallee Suisse

If you love taking strolls amidst the woods and greenery, then the Jardin de la Valle Suisse is the right place in Paris to do the same. It was renamed recently as the Jardin de la Nouvelle France and is located near to the Arc de Triomphe. It is a true hidden gem and you need to find out its entry path to really access this garden. Once inside, you are greeted by its splendid greenery and walkways where you can stroll or simply relax under the shades.

Rene Viviani Square

The Rene Viviani Square is another top hidden garden that you should seek out in Paris. It is home to the oldest tree in Paris, a Robinia that was planted in 1601. You can view this century-old tree currently supported by concrete pillars. The garden is indeed a quiet space to spend and explore all the while viewing at the majestic Notre Dame. The Rene Viviani Square borders the Seine and is one place where you can relax away from the crowds.

Boucicaut Square

Another hidden natural garden to visit in Paris is the Boucicaut Square. Named in honor of Aristide Boucicaut, the man behind Paris’s first departmental store, this garden is the right place to spend relaxing from the bustle of the crowds. Inside the Boucicaut Square is a rich diversity of trees such as oaks that date back to over hundred years. Besides, the Boucicaut Square has a carousel, a playground, and a sandpit meant for children.