Things to do with Kids While You are on a Paris Tour

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Children, mostly pre-teenagers and teenagers are likely to enjoy most of the places that are enjoyed by their parents. One of the major choices that are picked by everyone is the Catacombs of Paris, which seem to be a bit dark for little children, but interesting for older children as they are curious about the scare factor.

The Jardin des Tuileries and the Eiffel Tower offer the visitors plenty of opportunities to explore and to have fun. The options for your younger children are interactive places that are mostly designed just for them, where they can have more fun than the other places. Paris city has got an abundance of kid-friendly attractions.

Centre Georges Pompidou

Centre Georges Pompidou is not a typical art museum. But this place houses a wide variety of modern arts that seem interesting for children of all ages. These are always changing and you can bring your kids back to Centre Georges Pompidou regularly for the same reason. You can always find something new in this place. Mechanical and water-spraying sculptures and neon tubes that are shaped into figures and also life-size bodies (that are made out of recycled materials) are included in the past exhibits.

You can find live performances and children shows in the performance area of the place which is located in a different part of the building. These events often change every month, so you will have to check in the calendar to see regularly to know what is coming up while you plan to visit the place. The square outside of Centre Georges Pompidou serves as a serving point for mimes, sketch artists, jugglers, and other performing artists.

Disneyland Paris

Take your children to Disneyland Paris if you are looking forward to impress your kids where you can see the Mickey Mouse speaking French. Most Children are fond of the snack they get from there which is called French crepes. This place offers every traditional ride and attraction you would like to visit in a Disneyland park. Walt Disney Studio Park is located at the next door of the place. You can spend a full day in each park if you have enough time. Walt Disney Studios Park serves as the French version of MGM Studios, which is now popularly known as the Disney’s Hollywood Studio.

Jardin du Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Gardens is a fifty-five acre of green space which is located near the Sorbonne University. This place has got various attractions that are specially geared towards kids. The Grand Bassin pond that is located within this park offers visitors with small boats for rent; there is also a hundred-year-old carousel near the place. The playground of the park offers swings, climbing towers, slides and even grounds for children to play various sports The Theatre des Marionnettes present open-air marionette shows on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

The flowerbeds of this garden are kept beautifully with the surrounding fountains splashing water gently and plenty of seats to relax. It is one of the perfect places for going on a picnic.

One of the top things to do here has to be a sailing boat on the lake. A stand which is located next by the lake offers boats for hire at a rate of 4 Euros for half an hour. They will provide you with a stick to ouch them with which can help you to pop the boat you hire on the lake and start sailing. Kids of all ages seem to enjoy this experience.

You can see the delighted sounds of children playing as you walk further into the park after your boat experience. An area is dedicated to the kids as a playground with many types of equipment like sandboxes, swings, and so on.

Even though the admission is free of cost, you will have to pay 2.50 Euros for a kid for using the playground area. The playground can often be busy during the weekends and holidays. Some little swings charge 1.50 Euros per kid, but there won’t be many queues here to get into. The little snack hut located near the place can offer candyfloss. You can also witness puppet shows at selected times of some days; also place offers exciting pond rides for children.

Cite des Sciences et de l’Industrie

Cite des Sciences et de l’Industrie is a science technology museum that is meant especially for kids. This place offers a planetarium, a lot of hands-on exhibitions, films in 3D, and also other workshops and demonstrations.

Cite des Sciences et de l’Industrie is a special area for kids under the age of twelve. The place offers special theme areas that allow kids to explore many things such as the human body, water games, and the working of a television studio.