Things to Consider While Choosing a Hotel in the French Capital

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Paris is one of the most awesome cities that you can explore whenever you prefer since the city is ever enchanting. While planning a trip to a foreign place though, the main reasons for concern will be probably regarding the basic facilities such as accommodation, transportation, and food. Thankfully, you will not have to worry about the same in the case of your Paris tour escapades, because there will be hardly any traveler who will not be aware of the rich culinary history of the city.

Similarly, there is nothing to brainstorm about the transportation facilities here since there are many metro rail services, cab service, bus service, etc., in the city. However, choosing hotels in Paris city can be a bit tricky. Note that a first-timer can easily get ripped off while choosing hotels in Paris. So in order to help you out, below are some basic guidelines to follow while choosing accommodation options in the City of Lights.

Air Conditioning

Unlike the United States, air conditioning is not mandatory when it comes to hotels in Paris. In fact, most of the one-star and two-star hotels here will not be air-conditioned. However, hotels with three stars and above will have fully air-conditioned rooms. The interesting thing is that air-conditioning is not as necessary in Paris as that in the US because of its moderate temperature. However, you cannot rule out the chances of unexpected heat waves at times. So, if you are in the city during the summer season, it will be better to choose a hotel with an air-conditioning facility.


Obviously, almost every hotel in the European countries offers a private bath. The reason for concern here is actually the size of bathrooms, especially in the case of old majestic hotels. It is no wonder that most people often fall for the palatial appeal of most French hotels on their Paris tours. However, ancient royal buildings in Paris were not equipped with bathrooms; they were added later. This will obviously reduce the overall size of the bathrooms as well as the bedrooms. That means it is not necessary that every regal hotel in the city will have extravagant suites even if you pay a whopping amount for your stay.


Everyone will expect a peaceful stay at the hotel room. So, you must inquire about the soundproofing system employed in your hotel. Interestingly, most of the older buildings feature a better soundproofing facility like thicker walls and soundproof windowpanes when compared to the latest constructions. Soundproofing facility will become even more crucial if you prefer to lie down on your deluxe bed keeping the windows open in order to enjoy the picturesque view of the city.