The Monumental Route Map to Paris

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Paris Tour

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The appeal of the City of Paris among the European pop culture is monumental. The Paris tour bus with an open top provides a roaming pass for an international tourist, and with guides who can speak up to eight languages, it will give you an irresistible glimpse of the city of love. You can roam around and hobnob in the French Capital, but doing it with a guide offers a pit-stop kind of route map. The following are some of the designated touring destinations.

Champs de Mars

The seventh-century aristocracy made this picturesque garden covering sixty acres of land, mainly to grow grapes and vegetable. When a young Napoleon Bonaparte attended, the garden became a training ground for the military school. Come around on the Bastille Day, celebrated on July 14 every year, for a picnic and you may as well catch the illuminated sight of the Eiffel Tower.

Notre Dame

The Cathedral, which was built on the island in the Seine River, was a power-centre, back in 1160. The sublime views along the Seine can be explored, alongside the flying buttresses, which are iconic and offer aesthetic appeal. Till now, the Notre Dame remains to be one of the central visiting hubs and popular attractions.

Paris Opera House

This late nineteenth-century edifice is adorned with mirrors, chandeliers and the Grand Staircase. The Paris Opera House is much popular among the locals as well as the visiting immigrants, especially when the building stages red carpet events at the backstage runaway.

Grand Palais

On the banks of the Seine River, the Grand Palais opens up glittering views for the onlookers. The historic building beholds the Paris Arts, especially the Beaux Arts from which it draws inspiration. The building façade is made of classical and engraved stone.

The Trocadéro

Across the Seine, the onlookers cast a mile-long smile when they see the scenic beauty of the Trocadero fountains. The garden that eventually leads to the gateway of the Eiffel Tower span across 94000 square meters and features an aquarium, and the Chaillot Palace. After all the hobnobbing is over, you can give rest to your eyes with sublime beauty.

The Paris tour and the Paris private tour goes beyond the scenic exploration. If you are looking for something grandiose and romantic, Paris is your destination. Well, that would be quite the ode to Rick and Ilsa from Casablanca and the city of love.