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Paris is well known for its beautiful Eiffel Tower, its landmark cafés and restaurants, its epic museums, its incredible romantic settings and locations, and a lot more. However, only a handful of people know about the legends, myths, and haunted incidents of this mysterious city. When the lights turn off in the City of Lights, it could even change into a city of frights. Below is a quick look at the folklores about the Paris Opera House.

The Paris Opera House

The Paris Opera House is one of the most popular opera houses on the entire planet. This place is known for conducting the most incredible ballets and operas the world had ever set its eyes upon. A large number of people, including locals and tourists, flock to this beautiful place every year in order to get a glimpse of its radiant wealth and décor. However, most of them do not know about the swampy place of the dead that lies just below this magnificent architecture.

It was the French author Gaston Leroux, who brought the haunting side of the opera house to the light. In his book, you would be able to read about a ghost that lives deep under the opera house in the underground lake. As the story moves on, the ghost could be seen kidnapping a young singer out of love. According to Leroux, this is far more than a story.

While the architects were constructing the Paris Opera House they found it very difficult to drain all the water from the wet and swampy land, and hence, they constructed the building around it. At the present day, you could see a winding underground lake at this place.

Leroux wrote his story based on the real life of a person who lived in France. He was born with a disfigured face and was therefore forced to wear a mask while he was in public. He fell in love with a young soprano who used to sing at the opera house. Nevertheless, the girl rejected his love and he was left heartbroken by the incident. The dejected man locked himself in a chamber below the opera house and was found dead afterward.

Gaston Leroux said that he had gone through the spooky experiences of the opera house. However, he is not the only one to feel so; lots of other people including performers and spectators also claimed to have experienced and witnessed many mysterious events at this place. Some say that they have seen a pale and crippled figure meandering through the opera house.