The Best Sports Outlets to Visit in Paris

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Paris is a city of sensory marvels. There are many ingredients to excite all of one’s senses in Paris, and sports and games are no exception to that. There are numerous sports outlets sprawled out across Paris, that offer something for every sports enthusiast. Below is a list of the best places to visit on your Paris tours.


This Canadian brand makes environmentally friendly sportswear for women. Their forte is attractive looking yet responsible sportswear. After your Louvre museum tours, you can easily pay a quick visit to this store nearby.

Lolë uses environmentally friendly material inside the shop as well. The wooden shelves here are filled with materials made of sustainable matter. This includes bamboo fiber, plastic, and organic cotton. They host yoga classes and meet us every week events too.

Nike Lab P75

The Nike Lab in Paris is the first of its kind in the French capital. The store offers a host of sports accessories that are well researched. This includes Gyakusou for runners and other accessories.

The first floor has the facility of ‘Nike ID’ concept where you can design your own customized designs. Besides, this is also convenient for travelers on Louvre museum tours, as it is located in close proximity to the museum.


This is a famous sports outlet established by the marathon champion of the 1980’s, Raymond Cornou. The place is ideal for marathon enthusiasts, as it has an elaborate collection of accessories for runners. Gears of all the prominent brands like Asics, Nike, Puma, and New Balance are available here.

In addition, there are clothes from the best manufacturers in the industry too, such as Raidlight, Adidas, Mizuno, and Salomon. Apart from these, there is also a sizeable range of goods such as branded watches and headphones. Overall, it is a great place to visit on your Paris tours.

Nomade Shop

Nomade shop has been the Mecca for skateboarders and roller skaters in Paris for a long time. The place serves as the starting point of a weekly rollerblading trip. They offer great quality products for protective gear like helmets and anti-vibration soles. You can also get standard kneepads, wrist pads, and elbow pads here for a reasonable rate.

Budo Store

The Budo store is a hidden gem in the 5th arrondissement Paris, and is a heaven for martial arts enthusiasts. You can find all the related accessories here. In fact, this is the birthplace of French Karate too.