The Best Places to Get Natural Wine in Paris

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Natural wine bars are among of the most interesting places to visit when you are in Paris. These are regular haunts for people that love food and want to eat and drink with friends. In Paris, these places promise great ambiences, market-driven food, and list of excellent natural wines. Few things can turn out this well, especially for a tourist.

Natural wines are something a lot of people love, and others hate, but no one is indifferent towards it. There is a growing movement among wine lovers, who carry the view that true wine is supposed to come out without any human intervention or meddling, and have no sulfites in it. Natural wines may not be your thing, but that is definitely not good enough reason not to sample them at least once.

Most of the natural wine bars serve food of some sort, and many of these places actually make great spots to dine at. Following is a list of some of the places you absolutely need to visit to make sure you sample this aspect of your Paris tour.

Aux Deux Amis

If you like hanging out at a food and drinks bar late at night, then this place should be on your list. Aux Deux Amis is famous for its rotating small plates, and constantly buzzing ambience. Even the lunch fares here are both filling and delicious, and you get to buy fresh produce, natural wines, super fresh sandwiches, and craft beers from the boutique next door.

La Cave du Paul Bert

This place can pose a surprise if you are familiar with the old-world classic French bistro under the same name, down the street. This establishment is usually jam-packed, and does not take reservations. You get plenty of quirky wine types to enjoy. The small plates are awesome, and you can buy your wines here as well. Stop by for pre-dinner drinks and a small plate, and then head over to the previously mentioned Bistro.

Coinstot Vino

Placed in Passage des Panoramas, Coinstot Vino is famous among wine lovers, chefs, food bloggers, and everyone that has ever visited. You just need to focus on the fact of the first three kinds of people going there, which is definitely a good sign. The place is run by wine experts, and lets you get a peek of what is on offer from the window. This is a great spot for if you are looking for well-selected bottles, a beautiful location, and the chance to meet natural wine lovers. They serve pizza too.

La Cave à Michel

This trendy natural wine bar situated right beside Le Galopin is kittened by Top Chef contender Romain Tischenko, whose small plates are all the rage. Expect a huge crowd at all times, and to have a great time talking and laughing with friends, while you drink superb wine and share plates. No tables here, so no reservations taken either.

La Buvette

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For natural wine lovers with more sophisticated tastes, as well as those that love cool crowds, La Buvette is a must-visit. Come in, grab a glass or bottle, and try out some of their famous nibbles like paté, saucisson, fromage, or even marinated white beans. Just make sure you get the address right – there is a restaurant named Buvette in the 9th; skip that and go to the one in the 11th.

Clown Bar

Do not mind the name; this is an all-out restaurant. It does have a bar to sit and drink at, but that is neither here nor there. Their natural wine selection is simply amazing and augmented monumentally when paired with the fantastic food served here. Eater dubbed this place “the Most Thrilling Restaurant in Paris”, and they were definitely right. Make a point of trying the veal brains.


Formerly a wine bar named Vivant Cave, Vivant upholds its namesake quality, which translates to “alive”. Chef Pierre Touitou certainly helps that along with his world class preparations. Head here for the energetic vibe that everyone ends up needing once in a while.

Bar à Vins A.T.

This is an underground wine bar in the 5th, right beneath Restaurant A.T. The small plates are widely attested by bloggers to be pure magic fashioned by Chef Atsushi. Upstairs you have a gastronomic restaurant with a €95 tasting menu for the nights, and a €55 one for lunch. The whole experience is natural wines, small plates, and a relaxing ambience. The last changes every night of the week, but if you want some quiet, getting there by 8pm is a safe bet. There is the chance of encountering impromptu ragers featuring sommeliers and chefs that run late into the night, so check their Facebook page before you head out.