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The rooftop terraces in Paris are very famous because they offer majestic views of the skyline as well as of the city. If you have been to New York or Dubai, you can feel a similarity with those cities when you are spending time on a rooftop in Paris. The rooftop terraces in Paris are becoming more and more popular among tourists.

Here are some of the top rooftop terraces from where you can enjoy the Paris skyline.

Musée Du Quai Branly

If you are visiting Musée du Quai Branly, do not forget to visit the rooftop of the museum. It is the place where you can go when you get hungry during the museum visit. An architect named Jean Nouvel is behind the designing of this area and it is a perfect place where you can enjoy a view of the Paris city, especially the Eiffel Tower. The cost of foods on this rooftop terrace can be very high compared to the other ones. However, the visit will be worth it because the view is amazing and you can have some quality food. If you are planning to visit the museum, prepare the itinerary such that you can grab your lunch or dinner at the rooftop of the museum.

Cité De La Mode Et Du Design

The rooftop of the City of Fashion and Design building is another spot where you can enjoy the skyline of Paris. It is located over the Seine River and is the place where you can spend the evening watching the sunset along with a cocktail in your hand. There are picnic tables here arranged in an open area. It will be used for the restaurant at night. There are bars and a stage for the performance of the DJ. You are free to dance to the music of the DJ until dawn. You can have an excellent view of the Seine River from the open space here. You will not stay hungry here because there is a food truck here where you can grab something to eat.

Printemps Haussmann

After your shopping exploration in the Printemps Haussmann, head to the rooftop where you have a self-service restaurant to satisfy your hunger and regain your strength by rejuvenating yourself. The main benefit of climbing up to the rooftop terrace is that you can have the majestic view of almost all major landmarks in the city from the terrace here. Though it is not one of the best restaurants where you can eat in Paris, it is good enough for you to satisfy your hunger on the journey through the city.


The rooftop of the renowned Molitor swimming pool is an ideal spot to have drinks with your friends. The hotel, which existed here, was shut down and abandoned. However, it underwent renovation and was reopened as a five-star hotel. Though it is a trendy and classy hotel, it is quite affordable. From the terrace, you can have views of both the city and the swimming pool. You can have the amazing feeling of lying down on a deckchair and enjoying a drink while beholding the beauty of the city. The entire place has the appearance of the hanging gardens. There is a kitchen squad in the area that can provide you snacks or meals according to your preference. In summer season, you can have a barbeque as well.

Le Raphaël

There is a stylish and austere atmosphere on the last floor of Le Raphaël, a five-star hotel. Your view from here includes the famous building Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. You can get a special fruit cocktail here from May until September. You can enjoy lunch and dinner served here during the weekdays. The menu here is unique and tempting at the same time. It is also a place to hang out or rest in between your visits to the neighborhood.

Le Mama Shelter

You have a great number of choices to make while you are in the Mama Shelter. There is the restaurant, hotel, bar, pizzeria and the barbeque on the roof. This will be a true point of escape from the stress of the busy city. On the rooftop, you can find deckchairs, ping pong tables and picnic tables arranged, where you can enjoy your relaxation time. It will be in your best interest to taste the menu once you are here. Pizzas of the place are its highlight, and you may try some traditional foods here. If your visit is scheduled in the afternoon, you can try winning a table tennis match while enjoying a drink.

There are so many rooftop bars and restaurants in Paris, where you may enjoy a drink or grab something to eat. If you are on your Paris tours, make sure that you visit at least one of them. It can also turn out to be a place where you make new acquaintances in the city.