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There is a revolutionizing shift in the way people travel and also in the travel industry since the year 2018. The trend to seek out more and more meaningful experiences by focusing on local travel is best among them all.

There is something to be said for paying a local – someone who can show you the real side of the city. This is true for cities like Paris. There are private tours led by locals in Paris, which is definitely a great way to experience the city in a more authentic way.

If you plan to stick to only the main sites of Paris, you will have a notion that is too touristy. Paris city has more depth than a quick tour. This is where a local guide can help you. You can always cater private tours according to your interests with food or art or WWII history.

Advantages of Being Sown Around by a Local

A common trap many travelers fall prey to is traveling to a destination which most people says, or may be a popular destination. Many people around the globe visit Paris just to see the Eiffel Tower. This is a sad thing, because there is a lot to explore than just the Eiffel tower in a city like Paris. Most guides in walking tours repeats the facts and figures they’ve been forced to memorize from guide books. The best part of being around Paris by a local guide is that you see things other than facts that you’ll forget tomorrow. A local guide will tell you how to skip the queues along with telling you about the height and weight of the building. This can really help you to know the city better as it is.

Where to Find Local Guides in Paris?

A group of locals in Paris are called as ‘localers’. They include foodies, historians, photographers, and designers etc who are willing to take you around and show you the city. Choosing them is a great way to see the city’s highlights, heritage and culture in a unique and personal way. Tours that incorporate hidden street art can be selected. It is believed that there isn’t any inch of Paris that a local guide can’t show you. Therefore, private tours with local guides would be the best choice if you’re visiting Paris to explore.