Out-of-the-Way Things to Do in Paris

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With millions of tourists crowding Paris each year, it is normal to think that everything in this city has been thoroughly explored. That there are no more secret places and things left to find, because everything has already been tried and visited and posted on social media. Still, despite its popularity, Paris has a number of mysteries it will not offer up to just any traveler, but you can get a good start on uncovering them by doing the following things on your Paris tour.

Check Out a Few Neighborhoods

You have roamed about the Latin Quarter and strolled along the Champs-Elysées. Now what? Even the Marais with all it boutiques and falafel stands has been checked on your itinerary, and so has the Sacré Coeur. So what is left to explore?

You should check out the Canal St-Martin, and the Rue Montorgueil. Another area to check out is the Grands Boulevards neighborhood.

Visit Some Really Strange Museums to See Madcap Collections

While the Louvre is undoubtedly the king of all the museums in the city, it is not the only place, which you should be visiting. Besides, it is not a good experience being in one of those crowds. Avoid some of that by visiting museums such as Musée Grevin, Paris Sewer Museum, and Paris Police Museum.

Window Shop at or Enter Some of the Most Quirky Shops

There are many inconspicuous side streets In Paris, which have shops selling and displaying weird and eccentric stuff. These take you back to a different era, and in a way represent a quirkier side of the city. Deyrolle deserves special mention as a curio shop with its own weird appeal. It is a wholly different world after you enter the shop. Most of the things they have are for sale, including stuffed kangaroos, coral, beetle collections, and a lot more. If you have money to spare, consider buying a piece to decorate your living room with.

Take a Boat Tour, but Not on the Seine

Boat tours on the Seine River are one of the most popular activities for tourists in Paris, and there is nothing against taking one if it is your first time in the city. However, if you have been here lots of times, take a different tack and explore the widespread canal network. The Marne River is worth exploring too.