Lesser-Known Spots in Paris

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Paris has an abundance of attractions lined up in almost every corner. There are enough places for a person to see in many visits. However, some of these places have become too cliché to visit anymore. It is sometimes better to visit lesser-known places to understand the character of the place better. Paris has no shortage of such places. Read on to know about some such secret spots in the French Capital that you would like to visit during your Paris Tour.

Paris Statue of Liberty

Did you ever imagine that Paris has its own Statue of Liberty? It is located on the southern part of the Île aux Cygnes. In case this is brand new information to you, you may be even more shocked to discover that it is an accurate copy of the Statue of Liberty in New York.

The statue that floats above Île aux Cygnes is a quarter-sized imitation of the NY statue. It was a model for the bigger lady of liberty. It is not the only one around, but this one was given to the city of Paris by the Parisian-American people group in 1889. In American style, the function was conducted on American Independence Day (July 4) rather than Bastille Day. There are options to walk, cycle or journey up to the statue.

Bercy Village

Bercy Village is situated at around 30 minutes from the center of Paris. This little town has an interesting climate with several attractions. The Bercy region used to be a major wine market, however today you will find only the adorable bistros, cafés, and shops that line the beautiful streets. It may not be a mystery spot in Paris anymore since Bercy Village sometimes get crowded. Note that the village is a great spot to stay in case you are looking for a peaceful place than Paris.

Parc de la Villette

Towards the boundary of 19th arrondissement, you will see the biggest urban social park in the French capital. It covers 55 hectares, which is equivalent to almost 136 acres of land. You will discover a blend of modern engineering designs, play areas, social spaces, and theaters. There is also a theater where they hold open-air film festival (mid-July to mid-August). You can easily get here by metro, bike, bus or even a vessel

Make it a point to visit the above places to see the unseen face of Paris.