How to Enjoy a Serene Vacation in Paris

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Paris Tour

Tourist Attractions In Paris

Paris is known for its charming nature as well as the electrified ambiance. Most people choose the French capital as their go-to place if they want to chill out to the core. However, if you are planning for a calm and peaceful vacation in the City of Lights, you must plan valiantly.

Most of the top-notch places in the city will be crowded and will be very noisy, as around 15 million tourists are flocking to Paris every year. This does not mean that you cannot have relaxing holidays in the hustle bustle of the city. Below are some harmonic and serene places in the enchanting city where you can spend some quality time during your Paris tour.

Explore the Expansive Gardens in the City

In the middle of the bustling city, there are many beautiful parks and gardens, which offer a perfect recoil from the roaring streets. The famous gardens in the French capital where you can relax to the fullest are Palais-Royal Gardens and Luxembourg Gardens.

You can see many serene and unruffled gardens in the former one that is tucked behind an astounding palace built in the 17th Century. This royal embellishment adds to the sophistication and panache of the garden. The Luxembourg Gardens features many awe-inspiring sculptures and architects along with some cozy lawn chairs and extending fruit gardens. The Latin Quarter that borders the garden also adds to the overall oomph of the place.

Wine Tasting Experience

You cannot have a peaceful vacation in the French capital if you miss the wine tasting experience over here. The sommelier experts in the city will enlighten you with a variety of wines, the way to serve and sip them, and many more important aspects of wine.

You can also choose any resident sommeliers in the city as well. One of the best wine tasting hubs in the city is Ô Chateau, which offers great packages of wine tasting along with some champagne classes as well.

Watch the Sunset from Montparnasse Tower

There is nothing as divine and harmonic as watching the sunset from Montparnasse Tower, one of the best skylines in the city. After the colorful plays of red hues during the sunset, you can witness the magical illumination of lights in the City of Lights.

The view of iconic towers like Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides, Notre-Dame, Opera Garnier, Musee d’Orsay, Sacre Coeur, Arc de Triomphe, and the Louvre along with the sunset and light works adds to the awestruck moment. However, do not forget to reach here early if you want to upgrade your ticket and enjoy some champagne while witnessing such a dramatic marvel.