How to Celebrate Halloween in Paris

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Halloween Celebrations In Paris

The end of November marks the start of All Saints Day (Toussaint) holidays in the city of Paris. On November 1, several Parisians pay respect to their ancestors with their friends and family members. However, the most exciting and highly anticipated event in the city of Paris during autumn is none other than Halloween.

The word Halloween is actually derived from “All Hallows Eve,” which occurs on the last day of October, that is, a day before the All Saints Day. So in short, Halloween is the eve of All Saints Day.

Halloween has evolved into a commercial holiday over the last few years and you can see plenty of Parisians and tourists on the streets of Paris in scary costumes during the occasion. If you are planning to go on a Paris tour this October, then you must try to attend a Halloween party in the city, as it will help you to make the most of your holidays.

Below are a few things you can do in Paris to kick-start your Halloween celebrations.

American Library in Paris (ALP) Annual Halloween Extravaganza

The American Library is planning a Halloween Decorating Party for kids in the age range of 12-18. However, if your kids are below the age of 12, then you could take them to the Scary Story writing workshop in the Library during the event. You must also try to attend the Zombie Fashion show at the Library before ending your Paris tour.

Halloween at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is the ideal spot to celebrate Halloween if you are visiting Paris with your kids. The parades held here will mesmerize both you and your kids and help you to make your vacation a lot more delightful. In addition to that, you will be also able to find lots of trick-or-treaters here, but you will have to reserve the tickets in advance to steer away from long queues.

Hard Rock Café Li’l Monsters and Rockin’ Dead Parties

If you are planning to celebrate this year’s Halloween in a non-American fashion, then you must head to the Hard Rock Café in Paris on the last week of October. Dress up in your favorite Halloween costumes, enjoy live music, and sip diabolical cocktails to make your Paris tour a lot more thrilling and exciting.