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The Latin Quarter is one of the destinations that are best discovered slowly in a Paris tour. The neighborhood is situated between the fifth and the sixth French arrondissement. In fact, the Notre Dame Cathedral can be spotted in here from a viewable distance. Below are some places nearby the Latin Quarter worth exploring during your Paris tour.

Latin Inspired Namesake

The Latin used to live this place alongside Parisian students. In 1968, a student strike happened in the month of May. The neighborhood played an important role in calming down the strike, portions of which features in Woody Allen’s movie “Midnight in Paris”.

Home to the Sorbonne University

The Sorbonne offers courses to spot and places to enjoy in the Paris tour. The University is accessible, being home to the brainchildren who study humanity and social science. In fact, the Sorbonne University was conceived in the 12th century Paris.

Holy Saint Michael Square

From the square of Latin Quarter, tourists get a view of the fountain that depicts Saint Michael’s fight with the devil. If that sounds freaky, visit the island in the Seine to have some tourist refreshment.

The Pantheon of Greats

Odeon Theater was the first to stage the “The Marriage of Figaro” of Mozart. Apart from that, the theater also features French pantheons including the Rousseau and the great Victor Hugo, and hosts neo-noir plays in classic style.

The Arab World Institute

The Arab World Institute is one of Europe’s cultural hubs. The institute was conceived and designed by architect Jean Nouvel, who is also known for building the Torre Glòries in Barcelona. The Arab World Institute is one of the popular hubs in Latin Quarter wherein tourists and Parisians gather.

The Cluny Museum

“The Lady and the Unicorn” is in the Cluny. The Paris tour guide would take you to the place and explain everything about the museum. Tourists may keep themselves occupied seeing the pieces belonging to the ancient Paris here or learn more about the Parisian culture.

The Jardin des Plantes

This flowery botanical garden in Paris is famous for the rose flowers and European couples that roam this place. During spring, vacation tours sprout in Paris, especially in the Jardin des Plantes.

In fact, if you have brought quarter Euros with the Paris tour, you may as well go access the Roman parishes in Latin Quarter. For the geeks: the Latin Quarter is 53 kilometers away toward the far side of the Paris airport.