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One of the main factors that you are likely to consider when planning a trip to the French capital will be the transportation facilities here. Note that the public transportation system of Paris is of high standards and there are multiple options such as trains, buses, cabs, boats, etc., to get around the city. However, the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way of traveling in Paris will be metro trains.

Parisian metro system

Paris is a crowded city; all thanks to the tourists. However, this contributed to the huge traffic scene in the city. Needless to mention, this can be a reason for concern if you are in the city for a short vacation. After all, who would love to waste their time stuck in traffic? To tackle this issue, consider metro trains for your commutation. Even though these are one of the cheapest options, the fares tend to spike during peak hours. Hence, it is recommended to schedule your transit accordingly. Plus, there are many metro stations in the city that are out of service.

Ghost metro stations in Paris

The Paris subway is regarded as one of the oldest and unique ones of its kind in the world. It is to be noted that the French and English subway builders were the innovators of this system and hence, you are most likely to spot many unusual engineering solutions and designs in the subway structures. The ancient metro stations in Paris were built many centuries ago and comprised of tunnels that span over a couple of hundreds of kilometers. However, with the development in technology over the years and the introduction of modern metro station facilities, the ancient ones became less in demand and were eventually closed for the public.

Even though most metro trains still tend to pass through these stations, none of them will stop here. The only visitors in these ghost subway stations will be street artists and photographers. However, while some of these stations may give you great photography goals, some stations might be the habitat of anti-socials. Hence, get a list of ghost metro stations in Paris where you can and cannot visit from your city tour guide. Sometimes, you may experience some paranormal vibes at this desolated platform stations as well. The best time to visit these phantom stations will be in between your train transits. Some of the popular ghost stations in the city that you may pay a visit on your Paris private tour include Croix Rouge, Saint Martin No.1, Arsenal, Champ de Mars, the Porte des Lilas – cinema station, the Haxo station, etc.