Getting Around the French Capital in a Velib

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Paris is one of the cleanest cities in the world that advocate sustainability. Are you also concerned about Mother Nature and love to explore the city in the best eco-friendly ways? Note that there are multiple choices including the public transport system such as buses, metro trains, etc., and private vehicles like bikes, cycles, cabs, etc., to get around the capital city of France.

Needless to mention, the cleanest mode of transportation out of these options are trained since the carbon footprint left behind is little to nothing in this case. Furthermore, you may rely on the services of green chauffeur-driven vehicles, green cabs, etc., as well as to meet your objective. Needless to mention, all these factors will contribute to reducing your carbon footprint on the Earth.

Paris On Foot

Paris is a big city but most of its top-rated attractions are located at its center and are at a walk-able distance from each other. So, you can choose to explore the city on foot as well as much as possible. Of course, nothing will be as eco-friendly as this choice when it comes to getting around the French capital. Undoubtedly, you cannot spend your whole trip on foot and you will have to depend on an alternative mode of transportation. One of the best options that you may consider in this case is given below.


One of the simplest, affordable, and ecological ways to get around the City of Lights is bicycles or Velibs. There are a countless number of spots in Paris where you can rent these two-wheelers. Plus, this is also a good choice if you love to exercise while sightseeing. If you are wondering about how the whole Velib-rental process works, follow the steps given below.

  • Find a Velib station around you. For this, you may check out the online Paris Velib map. Unlike most people think, it will not be a brick and mortar store. Rather, you can see a number of Velibs parked on the side of the streets. Some people might confuse it with cycle parking lots.
  • Once you choose a station, choose one of the best cycles on display after identifying yourself on the machine provided. Note that after this process, the machine will dispense your ticket and the fare will depend on the type of bike you choose and the time window. Plus, the machine is likely to charge you around €150 as a caution deposit, which will be refunded when you return your bike.
  • After exploring the city, return your bike to a station by reconnecting it to a slot
  • Reconnect to the ticket machine and identify yourself to ensure that the bike is properly connected and is returned on time.