Five Stunning Photogenic Spots in the French Capital

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Paris is an unbelievably enchanting location. Every single thing in the city is appealing; be it the scenic river, majestic bridges, palatial restaurants, architectural wonders, nightclubs, natural landscapes, picturesque fountains, cute poodles, and whatnot. In fact, there will be hardly any place in the capital city of France that is not photogenic. As a result, even a 10 Tb storage device will not be enough to store the photos that you have captured on your Paris city tours.

However, there are some unique spots in Paris that almost every photographer swears by to meet their photography goals. If you are also wondering about the perfect images that ought to be in your travel diary, some of those incredible Parisian locations, which are every photographer’s dream, are listed below. All the photography junkies out there may explore these spots on your Paris city tours

The Ponte Alexander III

One of the major staples of the French capital is the architectural wonders here, especially the bridges. Note that there is a total of 153 incredible bridges that ranges from the ancient ones to new in Paris. One of the most popular and majestic options among these is the Pont Alexandre III. Inaugurated at the beginning of the 19th century, this iconic monument connects the Grand Palais and Petit Palais on the right bank to the Invalides on the left bank. This historical bridge is highlighted with mind-blowing statues and frames.

The huge extremities of this overpass are beautified with 17-meter high pylons, which are crowned with stylish bronze sculptures of winged horses. Furthermore, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city from the bridge that includes some of the major city skylines and the iconic Eiffel Tower over the picturesque Seine River. This place turns to be extremely photogenic, especially in the spectacular golden glow of sunset.

The Louvre Pyramid

You can hardly find travelers who do not include Louvre museum tours in their itinerary. In fact, it is said that you cannot wrap up your Paris city tours without exploring this extravagant monument. After all, this central landmark of the city is the largest art museum in the world. Apart from the huge collection of artworks created by veteran artists, the museum is also known for its outstanding architecture, especially the glass pyramids.

This iconic Louvre pyramid was designed as a grand entrance to the museum in the 1980s. The modern and glistening glass architecture of the pyramid contrasts the historic facades of the museum in the best visually appealing way possible. Currently, this pyramid that is 21 meters has become an iconic structure itself. Furthermore, the sight of the illuminated glass pyramid at night over the puddles from the fountains is something to behold. Needless to mention, this whole setting crafts an extremely photogenic spot.

Sacre Coeur

Another major landmark in the city that reflects the artistic and architectural talent of French is Sacre Coeur, which is the basilica of the sacred hearts of Paris. Constructed in 1919, this is a popular roman catholic church that boasts great historical prominence. This incredible basilica located in the 18th arrondissement and you can enjoy as well as click some stunning images of the basilica from the top of Montmartre while including a panoramic view of the city in the frame.

In fact, this giant structure is already established as one of the most photogenic architectures in the city. However, you can experiment by trying multiple exposures in your shots. As a tip, you may add a vibrant sense of motion to the surrounding landscape and make the photos even more appealing and outstanding.

The Pompidou Center

Another perfect spot to click a panoramic view of the city is the top of the Pompidou center. Note that the sight of the breathtaking panorama of the city from the 6th floor of the Pompidou museum is indefinably Parisian. It includes the major landmarks in the city such as the Eiffel Tower, the Defense, and Montmartre in the frame. However, you will have to pay to enjoy this spectacular view as well as to click the photos as you enter the museum. Note that this will be usually included in the entrance ticket price.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Another stunning in the French capital that shouts nothing but photography goals is the spectacular Notre Dame Cathedral. This is an ancient catholic church that almost every traveler knows about, obviously because of its remarkable architecture. You will be amazed to know that the building once reached the verge of demolishment and it has gone through various renovation and modification works over centuries.

Currently, this is one of the perfect examples of French gothic architecture. However, since Notre Dame is one of the most popular attractions and photography site, clicking a shot directly from the bottom of the monument will be cliché. Rather, you can shot fabulous photos from the nearby Nouvelle Seine Peniche restaurant in a way that accentuates the gothic and mysterious elements of the cathedral.