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Paris is not only the city of lights and love but also a city of parties. It is true that a part of Paris city comes alive at night. Nightclubs and parties are very common in the city. There are many cabarets in the city, which you can visit and enjoy during your Paris tour. Here are some of the most legendary and prestigious cabarets in Paris.

Le Moulin Rouge

Charles and Oller Zidly created it in the year 1889. You can become part of the enchanting world of music and dance, here. The place is lighted magnificently and has several decorated tables which add allure to the place. In this cabaret, before the show begins, the performers will create the show atmosphere by playing the music. The dresses of the artists are notable. They are all handmade and very refined. The show at Le Moulin can be one of the best ways of spending a night in the city.

Le Crazy Horse

The performances in this cabaret are very intimate and scandalous. However, it remains as an ode to feminine nature and does not become vulgar in any way. The lighting of the show is such that you will find it very difficult to distinguish the shadow and the real person. The show influences your senses deeply and you will be completely immersed in it till the end. Modern music, which follows the show, makes it more lovable.

Chez Michou

It is an old cabaret located near the Montmartre hill. This place is famous for the imitation of famous personalities from around the world by transformist artists. In another smaller room Michou himself will welcome the guests, from where the butler will guide them to join the table to witness another show. It will be a glamorous and funny show with no vulgarity. The light atmosphere of this cabaret is lovely.

Le Lido

It is a cabaret started in 1946 and has a prominent role to play in the nightlife of the city. Water featuring shows are famous here. The shows take you to a world of illusion that can make you lose your mind. The show celebrates the city of Paris and is worth seeing. You can also watch dances, shows with projections, and choreographies. Ice skating dances and mimes are also spectacular. There are 40 “Lido Boys” and “Bluebell Girls” performing here every day.

If you love dance parties, cabarets and nightclubs, check out these traditional and legendary cabarets in Paris on your Paris city tours.