Exploring the Champ De Mars in Paris

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Champ De Mars

Gifted with abundant greenery, Paris is a distinctive place in the whole of Europe. While on a Paris tour, you might have come across the classical antiquity that this city treasures. In fact, Paris has several charming parks and gardens lavishly laid across public spheres and away from the commotion of the city.

Following the design patterns of classical architecture and town planning, where parks and gardens occupy a central role, Paris takes this a step further. Its many public parks and gardens testify the love of this city and its inhabitants to nature and its serenity.

The Champ de Mars is one such vast public park located right in one of the most idyllic locations in the city. It offers a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower that you can get from nowhere else in the city. Besides, this vast stretch of greenery is one place where you can assemble for a picnic or relax in the tranquility of the trees and flowers. The Champ de Mars is one place where you can witness the other nature of Parisian life.

The Park

The park in the Champ de Mars encloses the Eiffel Tower on both sides. The park feature extensive laws carefully cropped and maintained. Trees line the sides and in between, providing good amounts of shade even during midday. This is why the park is a major attraction listed in all Paris private tour programs.

Its lawns are ideal places where you can gather for a picnic or relax during your sightseeing programs. If you are a nature lover, then the wealth of different varieties of trees spread in and around the Champ de Mars will surely delight you.

Visiting the Champ de Mars

Named after the Roman god of war, the Champ de Mars is one place that you should not miss during your Paris tour. It gives you a glimpse into the true life of Paris. Parisians enjoy taking a stroll in these lavish parks in the evening making it easier to get acquainted with them.

It is quite easy to get a spot on your own in the park due to its sheer size. The park is actually a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. The availability of numerous playgrounds, a puppet theatre, and hand-cranked carousel make it an ideal place for families and children to have fun.

Watching the Eiffel Tower Night Show

As said, there is no better place to observe the Eiffel Tower in Paris than the Champ de Mars. Especially during the night, you can lie down on the green lawns and watch the Eiffel Tower illuminated with 20,000 sparkling lights in the background of the night sky. This night show is truly a visually rewarding experience that you can witness on your Paris tour.