Everything you Need to Know about the Cafe Terraces in Paris

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The Parisian terraces are famous and well known around the world. This can be understood when you know that the city asked UNESCO to recognize these terraces on the world heritage list. The main advantage of the terraces is that it brings together people with different creative ideas and artistic capacities.

History of the Paris Terraces

Long before technology swept its way across the city, the café terraces served as the center for people to know the local news and things happening around the world. People gathered in these places to have philosophical talks and chitchats. Even in the present day, they serve as the center for friendly meetups and family get together. Most of the houses in the city lack a backyard where people can sit and relax. Hence, it is common for all gatherings to happen on the café terraces.

The time you spend at a café terrace will be the time of socializing and getting to know each other better. It is also a source of learning many things about the city and the neighborhoods. It is a place where you can get your doubts clarified about anything related to your tours in the city. There are large numbers of café terraces in the city that it is difficult to say a certain count of them.

Unspoken Rules of the Terrace

Though there are no particularly written rules of what to do and what not to do on the terraces, there exist some unspoken rules, which you must know when you visit a Parisian terrace. On certain terraces, you may find tables with and without silverware. The tables with silverware are meant to be used by those who want to dine in the area. If you just want to grab a drink and relax, you may prefer the other tables.

If you want to have a smoke, you can do it on the terrace but without disturbing your neighbors. It is always better to take a chair facing the street so that you can enjoy watching people walking on the road below.

Best Terraces in Paris

You will not struggle to find a café terrace in the city. However, if you are particular to go to a very famous terrace, Les Deux Magots, Café de la Paix, La Closerie de Lilas and terraces in the Place des Vosges, can be on your list.

Make sure that you visit at least one café terrace during your Paris tour.