Amazing Neighborhoods to Explore in Paris

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Paris is one of the most popular and fascinating cities in the world that boast a vast variety of appealing neighborhoods. Note that you can find an eclectic range of art cafes, galleries, unique retailers that boast multiple fabric culture, mixologists, etc., at every corner of the city. Undoubtedly, there will be hardly any traveler who does not wish to explore these locations. However, since it is likely to be harder to shortlist a few from a pool of options, below are two of the best neighborhoods in the city that features an exceptional blend of old Parisian charm and culture and new energy. You may explore these mind-blowing places to make your Paris private tour even more exciting and memorable.

South Pigalle

South Pigalle is the perfect destination for all the millennial travelers out there. The neighborhood boasts an eclectic range of cozy bars, pubs, and other nightlife attractions and is crammed with both chic and affordable boutiques. Exploring this vibrant and happening neighborhood will surely make your day in the French capital.

At the same time, this quarter that is located below Montmartre spreads pleasantly along the tree-lined avenue called Trudaine. You can find outdoor seating arrangements as well throughout this appealing lane that extends towards the northeast side of south Pigalle neighborhood. Taking a stroll around this lane holding the hands of your beloved will be just magical and peaceful. Besides, you can find an organic market here they pop up every Friday at Place Anvers.

Haut Marais

This is an underrated and lesser-known area located in the extremely popular Le Marais neighborhood. Note that the latter is known for the happening and vibrant choices at the place whereas the former is a sleepy quarter. However, this is one of the thriving localities in Paris that is going through the reinventing process. Do you know that Haut Marais is one of the ancient quarters in the French capital? So, exploring this locality will surely give you an insight into the real Parisian lifestyle and culture.

You can find numerous stone mansions here that are constructed during the 17th century and earlier making it an ideal spot for all the history buffs and architecture junkies out there. Additionally, the oldest covered market in Paris called Marche des Enfants Rouges is located here. This 16th century market is the right place for you if you love tasting organic food varieties or enjoying multiple cuisines. You can also find some art galleries and cocktail bars here that are relatively less crowded. Hence, you can spend your time peacefully.