Activities and Places to Include in your Paris Sightseeing Tours

Paris Sightseeing Tours

Tourist Attractions In Paris

Paris is renowned for its architecture and sightseeing, and the seasons that change from time to time. Tourists can see many places from the River Seine to the French eateries to spend timeouts in Paris. In Eiffel Tower and the Le Marais District, there is immense scope for sightseeing in your Paris visit.

This is the autumn season in the City of Lights. Add the below attractions to your itinerary so that you can spend some quality time in Paris and sign off with an amazing experience.

The Paris Fashion Week

When you take the private Louvre museum tours any time soon, catch the Paris Fashion Week in the Carrousel du Louvre. In fact, the underground shopping mall in Rue de Rivoli refers to Place du Carrousel and the Louvre Museum close by. You will get to see models on a ramp walk and visitors waiting in anticipation to see the Paris Fashion Week unfold. Do check for schedules and note it down in your Paris sightseeing tours itinerary.

The Food from the French Eateries

The French love their food. If you are a foodie like the French, the local food joints in Le Marais district is worth seeing. In addition to that, go to the Marché des Enfants Rouges one of the oldest food markets in Paris. When in Le Marais, you could see pastries neatly arranged in the boulangeries.

Reading and Drinking Coffee in Open Air

The cafés are much beloved by the French too. In Paris, the sidewalk cafes are known among the locals including Paris sightseeing tours guides. When you are with your crew, visit a Parisian Café not just for the coffee but also for reading coffee table books in the al fresco (open air). Reading books and having coffee simultaneously is a culture that dates back to medieval Paris and one that still exists.

Sign Off Paying Tribute

If you are into history, there are museums virtually everywhere in Paris. However, if you want to pay tributes to Parisian heroes, there are cemeteries in Paris too, like the Père Lachaise to name one. You can find the tombs of many Parisian heroes, from Oscar Wilde to Chopin, in Père Lachaise. The Père Lachaise is a good place to conclude your Paris sightseeing tours, paying a tribute to its culture and history.