A Floating Museum to Open in Paris This May

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A floating museum has docked in the French capital. Fluctuart is the first museum of its kind in the world, so it is no wonder the world of art is awaiting its launch with abated breath. The three-story building, with flexible spaces and transparent walls, is devoted to depictions and displays of urban art. Visitors to the city will now have another option to add to their Paris tour, especially if it leans towards museum-hopping. Those who have taken Musée d’Orsay and Louvre Museum tours would know the kind of delight it can bring moving from one art display center to the next.

The first museum for graffiti and street art in France also happens to be the first floating one, which has been placed on the side of the River Seine. Fluctuart will be “at the same time a place of creation, experimentation and exchange,” as per the official website of the museum. “Everything about urban art in its most open definition, from street art to contemporary art and with an offer of cultural events, exhibitions (at least three per year), workshops, a library and a rooftop bar with a direct view on the Grand Palais.”

The free-to-visit museum will bring together international and French street artists from all backgrounds, comprising historical pioneers, world-renowned contemporary masters, and young newcomers. They will have full freedom to create artworks in situ, within the spaces of Fluctuart, said Nicolas Laugero Laserre. In addition to being a co-founder of the project, he is an artistic director and an expert in urban-style art.

“Paris is the world’s capital for urban art,” said Nicolas Laugero Laserre. “Here, Shepard Fairey performs his biggest works and Banksy is never far either. The number of artists, projects, auctions and specialized galleries in Paris is truly unique. We believe in the idea of ​​art for all. The quest for an art accessible to all is inscribed in the movement’s DNA, with committed artists who are in tune with their times.”

The museum will offer a collection of urban artworks by major international and French artists, while hosting temporary expositions by occasional artists and prestigious names in situ, “so that the space becomes the new, unmissable place of urban art.”

Food, drinks, concerts, as well as space for parties encircled by artworks and frescos, are planned for the rooftop. The upper terrace, covered by an elegant marquise, will also be open all the year round, adding a new and festive meeting spot to the flanks of the Seine River.