6 Historic Places to Visit on your Paris Tour

Paris Tour

Tourist Attractions In Paris

Paris city might be known as the City of Dreams and the City of Lights, and right so, because it has a lot in store for everyone being the most-preferred tourist destination in the world. A close look will reveal that it has numerous sites that reveal a rich history of the city too. Below are some of such top historic sites in Paris.

Musée Du Louvre

One of the most iconic museums in the world, the Louvre is a treasure trove of artifacts for all history enthusiasts. Some of the most attractive pieces here include the ancient Egyptian mummies, the legendary Mona Lisa, as well as the Roman statues. The museum houses over 35,000 pieces of art from all over the world, covering every period of human existence.

The Eiffel Tower

A Paris tour would be incomplete without a visit to this wonder. A stunning presence in the Paris skyline, the Eifel Tower offers an unparalleled view of the city and the surrounding region. Constructed in the 19th Century as part of an exhibition, the structure was never taken down; in fact, it gradually became the symbol of Paris.

The Catacombs

One of the mysterious places on the planet, the Catacombs of Paris is a subterranean graveyard that houses over six million human skeletons. This was initially a mine, later converted into the graveyard during the 18th Century. The place is very spooky indeed, and you can feel the intensity of the place by really experiencing it in person.

The Notre Dame Cathedral

This is one of the remaining gothic constructions from the 12th Century. It is a beautiful cathedral famed for its stunning architecture. Its stained window glasses and scale of construction are sights to behold. The Notre Dame Cathedral also houses the famed Crown of Thorns, one of the prized possessions of the Passion of Christ.

Les Invalides

This place was built as a resting shelter for injured soldiers in the 17th Century. Even today, this building functions for the welfare of war veterans, and serves many more purposes such as housing the military museum, Musée de l’Armee. Furthermore, it also contains the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Crypte Archeologique

A hidden underground museum beneath the Notre Dame Cathedral, this place is usually skipped by most travelers due to its location. It houses the remnants of Ancient Gallo-Roman Paris, dating back to the 3rd Century BC. You can see the heating walls, homes, and streets here, and gain a deep understanding of the prehistoric lifestyle of Paris city from the elaborate wall panels and guides.