6 Best Vegan Restaurants In Paris

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If you are a strict vegetarian and is worried about how you will manage to eat vegetarian food in the city of Paris, read further to know about the best vegetarian restaurants in Paris.  In fact, there are so many of them in the city and the number is increasing every month. Here is a list of the best ones you can visit on your Paris tour.

Comptoir Veggie

This is the best place for you to have granola bowls, acaï bowls or Buddha bowls. There are many gluten-free foods available here. The coco mango passion fruit cheesecake and carrot cake here is very delicious. They also offer wide varieties of teas, cold-pressed juices and matcha lattes. Whether you are looking for the breakfast food, a refreshing beverage, or some sweet snacks, this will be the ideal place for you.

Hank Burger

The Hank Burger is considered as the best place for you to grab a burger. The vegan burgers made here are so delicious and succulent. You will not forget the taste of the tasty burgers along with sauce and bell peppers. Potato chips can be taken along with the burger and it makes the combo complete.

Season Square

Their vegan pizza cheese is the best of that kind. They also have many other delicious items like cinnamon rolls, BBQ jackfruit sandwich and chocolate chips cookies. This is another best vegetarian burger palace with beetroot ketchup.

Hank Pizza

It is in Rue des Gravilliers that the vegetarian restaurants are very numerous and famous. This is the second restaurant of Hank. They are well known for their pizzas. They prepare a special pizza for every special season and you will be able to try many different tastes of pizzas here. The Hawaiian pizza with cream cheese is excellent. They also specialize in health-oriented foods like salads, and gluten free eatables.

Cloud Cakes

This is a very busy tea, coffee joint in the city. It is an ideal place for you to chill out in the afternoon time with a friend or companion. They make delicious lattes, cupcakes, black forest, carrot cake etc. Though crowded almost all the time, the food you eat is worth the waiting.

Hot Vog

This is a new restaurant started in the city recently. They have three items on their menu- namely, Le best-seller, L’indémodable and Le Jaï Ho. Make sure you visit here at least once for enjoying the delicacy.

If you are a vegetarian and is planning to visit Paris, keep note of these restaurants so that you won’t be confused once you are in the city.